Bassist and leader of Kiss made a new version of ‘la Macarena’, when he was in Spain during a music festival.

From the end of 2022 the group resumed its ‘End of the Road’ tour to give its followers the opportunity to see for the last time Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Eric Singer, and Tommy Thayer on an unprecedented tour.

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With their psychedelic makeup, their platform shoes, and their great suits from beyond the grave, the four members were at the ‘Rock Imperium’ festival, held on June 24, to say goodbye to the fans.

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Before going on stage, Gene Simmons he demonstrated his ability to perform more than his usual rock-and-roll-laden songs.

During an interview backstage, the vocalist he surprised his followers by singing ‘la Macarena’the well-known tropical song that reached its popularity in the 90s, to the point that Bill Clinton danced to it in his re-election campaign in 1996.

‘The Demon’, as he is known, interpreted his own version modifying the word Macarena for Cartagena, the name of the city where they did their concert.

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The video of the interview captured the moment in which the artist recited “Ehhh Cartagena” alluding to the essence of the song, because the rest of the lyrics in Spanish are a little more complicated.

So an attempt to find the same one, he asks the guitarist if he knows the song, while he goes back to saying the chorus.

However, immediately afterwards and despite what many might believe, He admits that he hates the ‘single’, Well, apparently he doesn’t like how catchy it is.

The particular moment was published by the mayor’s office of the port city on its Twitter account, where the comments of the followers did not wait.

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Even, Los del Río, authors of the ‘Macarena’, demonstrated their opinion about the funny version that Simmons did about the song that made them rise to fame in 1993. “You discovered us,” wrote the Spanish group, along with some laughing emoticons.

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