Jonathan Viale and Eduardo Feinmanntwo of the main figures of The Nation+, they were strongly faced in the last time. Neither of them denied the rumor but, in the last few hours, they tried a pass on the television channel and admitted that the “reconciled the Kun Omen“.

After you do not perform the “happens” Last Tuesday, viale denied a fight with Feinman by saying: “The only thing I do every day is work, work and work. TO Eduardo I love him, I respect him and what my old man taught me every day is to work, humbly, and nothing, to admire my teachers. One of them is Eduardo“.

There’s no fight, don’t make anything up, it’s all good. There is no number one, there is no number two. I’m not interested, I’m only interested in the program measuring well so that people are interested. Whore, no. I don’t like it, I work every day. I get up, I come here, I learned that from my old man. They will never find me disrespectful to anyone, much less to Eduardo“he added viale.

For his part, Feinman He also denied the controversy saying that viale is he “best journalist this country has“In this context, to calm the waters, in the last hours they made the pass again in The Nation+ and assure those close to the journalists that Sergio “Kun” omen It was key to calm the spirits.

The intervention of Kun Agüero between Viale and Feinmann

How was the Kun commissioned to reconcile them. “I don’t know, he was looking for the golf clubs and he appeared there, we had a very nice talk with him Eduardo Feinmann versus Jonatan Viale: Kun Agüero would have interceded in the war between them,” he acknowledged Feinman. For his part, viale slipped: “he reconciled us“.

Of course, the comment generated suspicion and made it clear that the rivalry between them is real and exists.

He Kun He’s a terrific guy, he sees us, he follows us, he knows what we’re doing and I think we’re going to have him in a pass. At least that’s what he promised, I hope he has his say“, hill Eduardo to end your program.

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