kylian mbappe He defines himself as a born winner, with a character that gives him a continuous hunger for victories regardless of the team or the competition, in an interview published by France Football magazine, in which he throws a few darts at his club, the Paris Saint Germain.

The interview, on the occasion of the awarding of the trophy for the best French player of the 2022/23 season to Mbappé, does not explicitly go into the future of the star striker, but it does shed light on his personality and how he is forging his career.
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“I am a competitor. When I play it is to win. And it doesn’t matter who I play against, my shirt, the place or the year, I will never be satisfied with winning, even more so a trophy that I have not yet won like the Champions League“, he assures.

“I have the intimate conviction that I was born to win and I want to show it to the whole world,” the forward confessed in the interview, also published by the newspaper L’Equipe, from the same press group as France Football. However, he acknowledges that winning ambition makes “sometimes people think I’m arrogant.”

The player, embroiled in an intense controversy with the management of PSG over the extension of his contract or his departure, does not speak clearly about his immediate future, but he does send some taunts to his club.

Asked why the Qatari-owned team has not achieved its desired Champions League despite its multimillion-dollar spending on transfers, Mabappé replies: “We do what we can. You have to talk to those who make the team, those who organize the squad, those who build this club”.

Glass ceiling at PSG

“Sometimes in football you face what is called a glass ceiling. That is why it is not a question for me but for those who are above it,” he insists.

He also believes that being at PSG has not helped him win the Ballon d’Or, the coveted trophy awarded by France Football.

“I think that playing for PSG doesn’t help a lot, because it’s a team that divides, a club that divides
. Of course that attracts gossip, but it doesn’t worry me because I know what I do and how I do it,” she says.

Before the next season, he explains in a simple way: “I am going to go on vacation, do a ‘reset’, recover energy and I will return with the hunger that everyone knows,” he adds.

The first appointment is next Monday, when PSG returns to training under its new coach, the Spaniard Luis Enrique Martinz. Kylian Mbappé expressed his sorrow for the death of a 17-year-old boy due to police shots in a deprived town on the outskirts of Paris, an area from which the star also comes, and also for the serious disturbances it caused.

“France hurts me. An unacceptable situation,” he said in a first message on the networks upon learning of the death, to later send another communication asking for an end to the riots because “violence does not solve anything” and ends up turning against those who express it”.

In the interview, he explains his position because “I want to fight against all discrimination, all violence.”

“I will fight for what he considered fair without contenting myself simply with playing football. Because today I have a word that counts. Do not overestimate my voice, but neither underestimate it,” he warns.

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