ISSUE Professionalthe Godrej Argentina professional color brand, was present at the fair Beauty Profone of the most outstanding events in the Northern region organized by RAFEELI. They created the latest fashion looks and introduced new product lines for stylists, reaffirming their position as the brand ally for hair artists.

under the campaign “Allies of your Talent”, which aims to continue accompanying professionals in the search to improve their work. Issue Professional delighted the guests of the event with its avant-garde proposals together with the talented designer Gustavo Pucheta and the renowned stylist, and ally of the brand, Martin Ghione.

Gustavo Pucheta.
Gustavo Pucheta.

They put on an incredible show where the models wore different cut and hairstyle looks livewith exclusive designs created by Pucheta and inspired by each new product line and its vibrant and modern color palette.

Martín Ghione creating live looks.
Gustavo Pucheta going through the catwalk.

Melissa Aquino, category manager of Coloration and Hair Care at Grupo Godrej, took the opportunity to provide more details about the campaign: “Allies of your talent is about the stylists, about how the brand can accompany and empower them with high-quality products. We encourage you to challenge yourself to break the rules and write your own. Issue Professional is much more than products, it is the most powerful ally of hair artists.”

Melisa Aquino, category manager of Coloration and Hair Care at Grupo Godrej.

More about Godrej

Godrej is a multinational and family company of Indian origin. It was born 122 years ago and has its headquarters in Mumbai (India). It has about 26 thousand employees globally. Currently, it is in full international expansion, with a presence in Southeast Asia, England, Nigeria, South Africa, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina.

In our country, It has almost 400 employees and participates in the cosmetics business with dyes, bleaching powders, oxidants, hair care, fixatives, gels, depilatories, and sunscreens.. In addition, it is a leader within the coloring category in Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru and Uruguay. Its main brands are Issue, 919, L’Eau Vive, Roby, Issue Professional, Millefiori and Villeneuve.

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