León Gieco is very active on his social networks and usually surprises his followers with some occurrences that he has. For example, in the last few hours the singer-songwriter went to visit Charly García’s house in the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires and made a funny definition.

Here I am at the house of our beloved Charly García, something like our own #AbbeyRoad“, he wrote in reference to the mythical street in London, England where the Beatles were inspired for their successful eleventh studio album.

In the images, the musician can be seen posing with the wall “scratched” by the fans of the former Serú Girán who throughout these years have dedicated phrases of affection and song lyrics to him.

“Modern Clicks”: Charly García will have his own corner in New York

charly garcia (71) will have its own corner in New Yorkcity where the artist took the photo that illustrates the cover of his iconic album Modern Clicks (1983).

The initiative was promoted by Mariano Cabrera -an Argentine who lives in the United States- who, through the Instagram account “Charly Garcia Corner”submitted a project for the corner of Walker Street & Cortlandt Alley to be renamed after the famous artist.

Charly García will have his own corner in New York
“Modern Clicks” is one of Charly García’s best-selling albums

“2023 marks the 40th anniversary of the release of the album Modern Clicks. In commemoration of the same, we announce the completion of the project in New York City“, they assured from the networks.

The official act will be held on November 6 in the morning. The chosen day has to do with the original release of the album, which took place on November 5, 1983. That is to say, when it is inaugurated, Modern Clicks it will have its four decades just completed.

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