One of the parts The most exciting of the novels is when the protagonists kiss or start a relationship, however, it is usually more impressive when done by two people of the same sex. In that sense, we are going to show you the most memorable lesbian kisses on Colombian television.

Amparo Grisales and Margarita Rosa

The novel ‘The Sins of Inés de Hinojosa’ from 1988 was a somewhat controversial project due to the erotic scenes that some of the protagonists had to do. However, one of the most remembered was the one made by Amparo Grisales (Inés de Hinojosa) and Margarita Rosa de Francisco (Juanita de Hinojosa).

These two women broke the schemes of the time and starred in the first lesbian kiss on the small screen in Colombia. They also had several erotic scenes that implied that both women were naked in a bed.

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Ana Wills and Carolina Cuervo

In 2020, in the telenovela ‘La Venganza de Analía’ there was a kiss that was a trend on social networks and was starred by ‘Liliana Camargo’ (Carolina Cuervo) and ‘Alejandra Mejía’ (Ana wills).

This happened when ‘Liliana’ was telling ‘Alejandra’ that her life was not as she expected and she was beginning to feel things for her. It was at that moment that they both end up kissing.

Catherine Siachoque and Natasha Klauss

In the telenovela ‘La Venganza’, which was broadcast between 2002 and 2003 by ‘Caracol Televisión’, the actresses were in a lesbian relationship and constantly had to perform slightly risqué scenes. Even in 2020, Klauss remembered this production and published a photo in which they are both seen in a tub.

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Sara Corrales and Isabel Estrada

In the Telemundo series ‘Decisiones’, Corrales and Estrada had to kiss each other, even, they had to star in intimate scenes, showing their bodies, as each one took off the other’s clothes.

Danna Garcia and Maria Adelaida Puerta

In the sixth episode of the second season ‘Tiempo Final’, the two actresses Danna García and María Adelaida Puerta they were a lesbian couple who blackmailed two men who were unfaithful to their wives, for they were seduced by them.

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