The Kings of Spain, Philip and Letizia Ortizleft this afternoon from the residence of the Spanish ambassador in the United Kingdom to participate in the reception that the British king, Charles IIIoffered at Buckingham Palace to the heads of state invited to their coronation ceremony tomorrow, Saturday.

Friday May 5. The kings of Spain, Felipe and Letizia, left this afternoon the residence of the Spanish ambassador in the United Kingdom to participate in the reception that the British king, Carlos III, offers at Buckingham Palace to the heads of state invited to his ceremony coronation tomorrow, Saturday.

The style of the Queen of Spain at the reception prior to the coronation

always fashionista, Letizia Ortiz was scrutinized once more. Her outfit to attend the reception prior to the coronation of King Charles III of England gave fashion experts something to talk about.

During her visit to Buckingham Palace, the Spanish queen debuted an olive-coloured midi dress, signed by Victoria Beckham. In fact, the designer and partner of david beckham He has been one of the figures to give the note in different royal events. One of his most iconic appearances was at the wedding of prince harry and Meghan Markle.

The outfit that Letizia chose, designed by the former Spice Girl, stands out not only for its color, but for its design, marked by a base collar, cape-type sleeves and a slight drape in the waist area.

Coronation of King Carlos III, the complete guide

After several months of preparations, this Saturday, May 6, the United Kingdom will celebrate the coronation of their new kings, Carlos III and Camila Parker Bowles. The ceremony will begin at 6.20 am Argentina time and will be broadcast on the main news channels.

The world is preparing to live one of the most impressive and traditional coronations that exist, with some novelties, since it comes after the death of Elizabeth II, who was the longest-serving monarch in history: Lilibeth turned 70 at the head of the crown british.

The enthronement will take place in the emblematic Westminster Abbey, a place where the most important acts of the sovereigns have been held -for many years- and which tomorrow will reach its 40th consecration, the first being William the Conqueror in 1066.

What will the enthronement of King Carlos III and Queen Camila Parker Bowles be like?

The king will enter through the great west door of Westminster Abbey and will parade through the nave until he reaches the central space, where the altar is located. It will be preceded by the procession of leaders, religious representatives and members of the Commonwealth countries, who will be accompanied by governors and prime ministers.

Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, will be one of the protagonists during the religious service. Of course, among the guests – as in any ceremony of this magnitude – all the most important monarchies and heads of state are expected, as well as some celebrities outside of royalty.

England's iconic carriage: Gold State Coach
England’s iconic carriage: Gold State Coach. On board this vehicle, the kings of England will travel.

Furor in London: this is how they prepare, with flags, souvenirs, campsites and a record number of tourists

The streets of London, a city where tourists from all over the world have arrived in recent hours, are already decorated with British flags and merchandising that celebrates the kings. The theme of the coronation of Charles III and Camilla Parker Bowles –referred to by many as “the crowned mistress”– took over all kinds of shops, cafes and even bookstores.

There is no shortage of products such as mugs, t-shirts and even magnets with the portrait of the new king. It is that the memories related to this historical event for the British monarchy are the order of the day.

A large number of camps can already be seen on the great avenue through which the royal carriage that will transport Carlos and Camila will circulate in a few hours. Of course, many Londoners and foreigners give whatever it takes to secure their place and bear witness to history.

This will be the security operation at the investiture ceremony of Carlos III

Tomorrow’s official act involves a large security operation that, according to the British media, will include snipers on rooftops, plainclothes officers, metal detectors, sniffer dogs and even facial recognition technology that police officers will use. .

It is that just as there is great expectation on the part of the fans, demonstrations by anti-monarchist groups are also expected. The Republic, activists against the system of government, are apparently hoping to rally thousands of their detractors to boo the king.

With photos from EFE.

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