Formula 1 driver lewis hamilton He has been in the news for several weeks due to his relationship with the Barranquilla singer Shakira. However, the seven-time champion of the highest category of motorsport is fully involved in his profession.

In statements collected by the newspaper Brandthe driver of the Mercedes team referred to the crash that two years ago he had against Max Verstappen (Red Bull) -current leader of F1- at the Silverstone circuit, at the British Grand Prix.

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“At that moment you don’t think about what happened at the beginning of the race, you think about living what you have achieved and sharing it with the fans. It was exciting, despite the fact that the guy I was competing with ended up against the wall,” he explained. Hamilton to Sky Sports.

It should be remembered that the most remembered thing about that race is the accident between Hamilton and Verstappen. The Dutchman ended up in the hospital, while the Briton received the trophy in the mythical English award.

“I knew that I had to be in front of Verstappen. I started better than on Saturday, but even so he was on the outside in the first corner. In turns 3, 4 and 5 he was able to overtake me, he extended the braking and from there, to the curve 7”, recalled Hamilton about the moments before the accident.

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Finally, the Briton confessed to Sky Sports that despite the crash, the important thing was to cross the finish line first. “This is what happens in racing, in the end you can crash. With the subsequent 10-second penalty, I just thought ‘focus, put your head down and let’s make up those seconds’. It was a great achievement for me,” he said.

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