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Last month we were shocked when Lindsay Lohan posted a photo of a baby bodysuit that read “coming soon.” Surely we were in shock because those of us who were born in the nineties cannot help but remember ‘You to London and I to California’ or the adolescent classic that had us obsessed for a long time ‘Mean Girls’.

Lindsay in our heads is an actress from our childhood and adolescence and, when this kind of thing happens, we bump into time and see how it goes by quickly without expecting it.

So that’s exactly what we felt when she announced that, at 36, she was pregnant. Of course, 36 is not 15 or 8 years old, she is a woman in her thirties who shares many concerns with us, who are from her fifth.

A pregnancy in its final stretch and a smile from ear to ear

In March it was the announcement of her pregnancy, but the reality of it we learned today, when Lindsay showed a carousel of photos on Instagram where we can see her pregnant belly, we have to say that she is in a fairly advanced state of pregnancy. Let us remember what we said on her day:

“Lindsay Lohan, the latest to join the list of stars of the 2000 who are going to be parents. If when we found out about the birth of Paris Hilton’s son we were shocked, with the news of Lohan it has not been different.

After years away from the media spotlight, last year we saw her again in a Netflix Christmas movie, which suggested that her acting career would resume its course. But now the big news has been the announcement of the expectation of her baby with her husband and banker Badder Shammas, sharing through Instagram their sweet expectation with an image of a baby bodysuit with the phrase “coming soon”, We discussed this March.

Today the image is as follows, of course, her friend Paris Hilton has commented with love, but thousands of people have also done so. From what we can see, she has nothing left and we really want to see her baby, it will be beautiful.

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