On Wednesday Pride Day was celebrated with the first party +PEOPLE. It had more than 200 exclusive guests who enjoyed performative shows, signature drinks and the best DJs. On this occasion, the referents of the LGBTQI+ community they took control and challenged themselves with fun challenges.

The viral kiss between Lizardo Ponce, Juli Poggio and Daniela Celis

Lizardo Ponce he was chosen to perform an “epic crossover between two random people”. This is why the influencer began to go around the party until he found Juli Poggio and Daniela Celis. Both agreed that it was a great cross.

“The meeting is going to be epic if there is a kiss. It would be a kiss to celebrate pride,” he threatened ponce to the “big sisters”. Without hesitation, Juli Poggio replied: “Well, I am.” AND Daniela she was quickly convinced by the rest. The peak of the trio was immortalized in the cameras of +PEOPLE.

The triple kiss of Lizardo Ponce, Juli Poggio and Daniela Celis.

Fede Popgold’s challenge on the rainbow carpet

The influencer was the one who “broke the ice” and took the cameras +PEOPLE to complete your challenge. Between laughs, she joked: “Hey, they’re making me work.”

Opening the envelope, she read: “Go to the rainbow carpet and get the most extravagant styles and ask what they inspired for the looks of the night.” She soon sprang into action and began surfing among the guests.

“We are with Panni Margot. You have to tell me what you’re wearing. I assume that all this is yours, “he said, facing the Argentine designer. The guest commented:”more is more… Glasses with led light and a hat that does not cover your hair. Accessories are Panni Margot by Don Rauch and shoes by Rick Owen.”

Fede Popgold continued, consulting Online Mami about her look as she entered. “This headdress is from Vanitas Art and I bought the dress on a trip. With this outfit I feel like I’m in a MET gala,” the influencer admitted.

Fede Popgold on the rainbow carpet of +GENTE
Fede Popgold on the rainbow carpet of +GENTE.

Costa’s challenge

Costa on the rainbow carpet of +GENTE
Costa on the rainbow carpet of +GENTE

“Now it’s my turn. I’m at the party celebrating +PEOPLE. I’m going to show you a little about the event and my challenge,” Costa began super entertaining. She then took the camera and read her slogan: “Find two random people and create an epic crossover“.

“There is not much light here… I warn you…”, she began amused. And as she walked among the dancing guests she wondered who might be the lucky ones she would cross.

His first choice was Dyhzy. He asked her how he had achieved his look. “I was grabbing stone by stone with the best of waves. I did everything by myself because I don’t have a team and neither do I have a budget,” she replied.

“So much that I looked for an epic crossover: I just found it,” he told the camera with great emotion. Coast when he spied the very amusing Fabri Watson, Lady Nada and Luchi Horas. To give continuity, camera in hand, to this unforgettable evening for diversity.

Photos: Diego Garcia
Video: Miranda Lucena

Dress as you want, dress for you. Skip take care of the power of your clothes

In line with a philosophy that invites to tear down the myths built around social constructions, gender and clothing, Skip accompanies the second season of +People matching with the narrative “dress as you want, dress for you.”, of which flag the brand.

Transparent, never invisible

The production of the capsules for the second season of +GENTE were carried out with the support of Absolut, a brand that has been working on diversity for more than 40 years with the intention of building a world free of labels.

Smartwater It was the official water of the +GENTE party and with its “Hydration that goes beyond” campaign, it accompanied the guests with their 591 ml bottles of water so that they are hydrated throughout the night.

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