After the great controversy that was generated after the meeting of several celebrities at the party Breshand later in the afterparty held at the influencer’s house Lizardo Poncemany rumors of a new romance of Eugenia China Suarez came to light. On this occasion, the model was related to the young singer lautygrambut Lizardo provided a note for THE M and assured that nothing happened between the artists.

The influencer mentioned that more guests arrived at his house than he expected, and for this reason he was not with all those present. I honestly don’t know Lauti, I met him that day but I didn’t see a kiss, I didn’t see anything. He was with his friends, we went in several groups “ Ponce assured.

Besides, Lizardo He explained what his relationship with the actress is, after questions from the little angels. “China is not my friend, I know her… I’ve been a barbarian for a long time, I like her spectacular. And on Saturday I laughed my ass off with La China, she had a great time too. And she invited her to my house to do a preview, after, whenever she wants. We had a great time”, Lizardo insisted.

Lizardo Ponce revealed that he suffered bullying in his adolescence

PH Podemos Hablar had a new edition, where all the guests were encouraged to answer the questions and slogans of the driver, Andy Kusnetzoff. The celebrities who were present were the singer of NTVG Emiliano Brancciari the influencer Julieta Puente, Lizardo Poncethe journalist Nequi Galotti and the former participant of Big BrotherAgustin Guardis.

after the slogan “Move forward those who were discriminated against or excluded by the rest“, Lizardo he was encouraged and went on to tell his story. “I don’t remember a specific moment, but throughout my adolescence I felt discriminated against at school, more than anything in physical education classes”began by saying the influencer.

Physical education for me was death, I suffered a lot. They always chose me last and nobody ever loved me, they made me feel that nobody was ever going to love me. I liked to choose me, because it was the only time I felt protected”he assured, after the driver asked him for more details.

He then added “It all had to do with my sexuality, although I didn’t have it whitened at the time. Of course they made me comments, faces, gestures, jokes and mockery. It was a very difficult stage for me, because I had to live simulating and acting and blocking certain things”.

Before finishing, he said that he had to invent many things that happened to him in order to fit in. “I came to realize that I was suffering a lot and I had to leave. I left because I had no other option, I was having a pretty bad time.”

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