On July 9, a piece of news related to Felipe Saruma, Andrea Valdiri’s current partner, caught the attention of Internet users on social networks.

According to the entertainment and entertainment portal ‘Rechismes’, revealed that apparently the young man would be having financial problems with his father, Samuel Camargo.

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According to this portal, a source assured them that the influencer’s father intends to control the money from Felipe’s companyHowever, the content creator did not endorse this and expelled him from the organization.

The source assured that the recent video that Samuel shared on his Instagram account, in which he talks about cowardice and what it means to “be or seem” It would be a hint about the situation you would be experiencing with your son.

Faced with this controversy, a third party far from the matter got involved by launching quite strong messages against the influencer. In this case, it was the singer Leow León, Andrea Valdiri’s ex-partner, who posted on his Instagram account, confirming the message from Felipe Saruma’s father.“you just have to wait, time is the best guide”.

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Faced with this criticism, Internet users reminded him of the controversy he experienced with Andrea Valdiri, who through a DNA test proved that he was Adhara’s biological fatherrepeatedly denying his paternity despite Valdiri’s insistence on constantly assuring that the singer was the girl’s father, creating a whole legal and media mess.

Faced with these accusations, Leow León’s wife, Liceth Córdoba, posted on her Threads profile, some messages that users indicated were a hint for Valdiri talking about the issue of children, where she assured:

“The fashion now is: if you are not with me, you are bad. If you leave me I destroyed you. And if they have children in common, they take the children as spoils of war. The world taking the most innocent ahead.

This generated a wave of criticism and comments recalling the negative behavior that the singer had in front of the Barranquillera when he did not want to answer for his own daughter. and not wanting to accept parental responsibility for Adhara.

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Faced with the attacks, Liceth Córdoba did not hesitate to respond by assuring “Children are not used to punish a man. I’m not going to argue with that much ape. Time, dear friend, puts everything in its place. Thank God we don’t eat because we’re ringing on social networks. Nothing to do with song and music”.

He also clarified that these publications were made due to a particular situation that a close relative experienced.

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