Lizy Tagliani surprised at La Peña de Morfi (Telefe) by confessing to Georgina Barbarossa, and her entire audience, that she was a victim of child sexual abuse when she was 5 years old. The artist managed to put into words what she did not even dare to tell her mother.

“I did not have good experiences within my family from a very young age. From 5 years. There I learned to defend myself. I think my mom knew it, but not from my mouth,” he said, just before immersing himself in this cruel story from his past.

As she recapitulated, the person who abused her was an uncle, and if she chose to remain silent, it was because she understood what he meant, both for her and for her mother: “It was someone she loved very much and when I understood the seriousness of the situation I preferred not to talk about it becauseat once, he was the only person who helped mewho gave me a job a long time later, at the age of 14″.

However, despite having discovered the reality behind the situation, his account is laced with unwarranted guilt. Lizy He assures that, as soon as he realized what he had experienced, already more than a teenager, he faced it: “I told him and He told me that I provoked him. that it was my fault because he was taking a nap and I was the person who provoked him.

Already planted from another place, although with the memory of pain always present, explained why he chose silence. “I never told my mom, but I think my aunts ever saw something“He assured. At the same time, he remarked that he never spoke to this uncle again.

And, with Monday’s diary, she does not regret the decision she made to take care of her mother: “My mother had few things that made her happy and that person was a person who made her happy, so That’s why I never dared to tell him the truth“.

Lizy Tagliani shared her story with the public. (Photos: Capture)

He also stated that he has no remorse with his abuser, because he managed to heal and heal that wound from his childhood: “I take it like this as part of something that happened to me. It’s like having hurt a lot and already healed“.

The truth is that, beyond how difficult the road to happiness was Lizy, currently lives a great present. Just a few weeks ago she married Sebastián Nebot, surrounded by friends and people who love her. Also, she prepares to drive Got Talent on the Telefe screen.

Undoubtedly, one of the most beloved characters in the media He shared his story of resilience with the public, with the aim of helping someone else, while she continues on her way without keeping quiet at all.

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