Emilia Attias and Turco Naim have been together for almost two decades. Next to gina, his 6-year-old daughter, make up one of the most consolidated and beloved families in show business. Although they are quite reserved with their personal lives, they usually share the most beautiful family moments on their social networks.

The actress recently published a photo at a fashion event with her friends Josefina Helguera and Sol Acuña, but the one who stood out was her daughter. The girl wore a cream-colored tulle skirt and a pink sweater and drew all eyes.

Emilia Attias with her friends and her daughter Gina

The actress recently spoke with GENTE magazine and told how she faces the challenge of being a mother: “My conscience is set on raising a daughter with tools for a future of equality. I like to teach her that sometimes things are unequal, that you have to talk about when you’re uncomfortable or dissatisfied, or you feel like you don’t have a place.”

Emilia and Gina on their vacation

“My queen of hearts, you turned 6. I will always feel the most blessed to be your mom.. So that you are always happy, free and joy fills you, “was the tender message that the actress dedicated to her recently for her daughter’s birthday.

Mother and daughter are super buddies on social networks. Their favorite place is the beach and that is where they take refuge to rest together with the Turkish Naim.

Emilia and Gina posing together

Emilia Attias spoke about Gina’s upbringing:

“Education for me is very important. In my case, I went to like 25 different schools to tell you a number, maybe more, since she was very little. I took a lot of time to understand a bit about the educational proposals and pedagogies that were available in Buenos Aires. Deciding on a school is not something minor“Emilia highlighted in dialogue with this medium.

Gina playing in her room

And I add: “After all that exhaustive research I had my preferences: the Waldorf and the Montessori were some of them. Now he is not going to a Waldorf school, but he is going to one with a fairly open vision although academically more traditional. But it has values ​​of social evolution that I find very interesting and that they contribute”.

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