Agustina Cherri (40) was one of the star guests at the Martin Iron 2023 and to the most anticipated event on Argentine television, she was accompanied by her two eldest children, Muna and Milo.

Muna Cherri is usually very active on social media due to her dream of becoming a singer and actress. However, her younger brother Milo still does not use digital platforms as much and enjoys her life as a child. That is why fans of the actress were surprised to see how much she had grown through a series of images and videos.

Milo Cherri posed very canchero with a white shirt and black jean that matched both his mother’s dress and his sister’s, who also opted for classic black evening dresses.

Muna Cherri and Milo Cherri at the Martín Fierro 2023

“#MartinFierro reel 1. After @bettinafrumboli and @nacholopezfagalde 2. When @ramirezdenegro designs 3. My weakness @simonetta.orsini 4. The first time at the awards ceremony. 5. Let’s get to work. 6. Almost ready. 7. The concentration of @vickii_miranda 8. My love team 9. Posing with them. 10. Arriving,” Agustina Cherri described each of the photos she shared on her personal Instagram account.

Agustina Cherri talked about the blended family and how the separation from Gastón Pauls affected her children

Although she always recognized that the first days after the separation were complicated due to the resentment that remained between them, today Agustina Cherri and Gaston Pauls They managed to have a cordial bond in which they even perfectly combine the way in which they alternate the care of the little ones.

So much so that the actor takes turns with Thomas Vera, the current partner of the legendary actress from Chiquititas, forming a true blended family. “We get along really wellWe are a family. Think that I have been with Pepo for almost 9 years and my children were very young when they met him ”, he told Pronto.

My children were very young when I started with Pepo and I think they have more record of my life with Pepo than with Gasti. Calculate that I separated from Gastón when Nilo was a year and a half old, so they don’t even have a record of our love relationship ”, he told Nicolás Peralta.

Agustina Cherri revealed if her children suffered the separation from Gastón Pauls

“I suppose so, like any child whose parents separate. But they never stated or said anything about it. Muna always tells that at school she was very proud to say that her parents were separated. Apart We have such an incredible relationship with Gasti, almost like best friends, and the boys see that everything is fine and that everything is flowing ”, said.

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