Diana Arnopoulos (31) and Monaco Peak (39) They are usually very reserved with their private lives. However, they are always very happy in front of the cameras at important events in their lives. In this European summer, the tennis player and his partner attended the wedding of one of his best friends in Greece.

It was then that they decided to share some of the best photos of their stay in the country on Instagram and it was in this way that their followers could see how great their common son, Noah, is. The child has just turned one year and six months old, and it is the joy of his heart.

Pico Monaco with his wife Diana Arnopoulos and their son Noah. Photo: social networks.

In the images you can see him laughing, running and in some of the videos he even talks with his father, to whom he has an incredible physical resemblance.

The little one was born on January 15, 2022, just two years after the happy couple tied the knot with an intimate celebration in Florida, United States.

Noah, the son of Pico Monaco and Diana Arnopoulos. Photo: Instagram.

A photo of Diana Arnopoulos sparked rumors of a new pregnancy

In the last few hours, rumors broke out that Pico Monaco and Diana Arnopoulos are expecting a second child. The news was released by the journalist Laura Ubfal Through social networks.“Little brother or sister for Noah. Diana Arnopoulos, pregnant”expressed the media, filling the fans of the tennis player and the model with joy.

Very reserved as usual, the celebrities decided not to provide details about the arrival of their new son and just let the image of their love published on Instagram continue to circulate. In it, Diana can be seen in a tight red dress, in which she can see her small pregnant belly.

Pico Monaco and Diana Arnopoulos would be expecting their second child together. Photo: social networks.

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