The actress Eugenia “China” Suarez shared a long statement in which he confronted the businessman William Coppola after the rumors that the businessman started on a television program about a supposed new courtship of hers.

Through its instagram staff, the china suarez public: “Leave people alone. I called the man who supposedly told me that I was with a new boyfriend, once again putting the woman in a place where they love to put. He told me that he knows absolutely nothing about my life and that he continued the topic so as not to make anyone look bad. Happy Labor Day, except for those who hide behind their ‘work’ to screw up the lives of others” He began by explaining the model.

Post of China Suarez.  Photo screenshot.
Post of China Suarez. Photo screenshot.

When will be the day that this way of talking about the lives of others ends? With that lightness, tell a lie, install it, and let it stay there, in the air”, he added in the next publication made on this subject, after revealing that he had contacted Coppola upon learning of his statements.

“They tell me that it is not understood. On a television show, a guest allegedly confirmed that I was dating a 60-year-old man. I’m not going to name him, but I called him on the phone, because that’s how I handle myself, and I asked him why he assured things about my life without knowing me. And his response was: “I didn’t say anything about you because I don’t know anything, I did it to follow the driver’s car so she wouldn’t feel bad.” Is that understood?” hill

China Suárez revealed the horrible nightmare she had

The model Eugenia ‘la China’ Suárez He is currently traveling with his friend. Juan Manuel Cativa and in his free time, he told his followers through his Instagram stories the terrible nightmare he had on Friday night. “I wrote it down because I didn’t want to forget it“, revealed.

In one of her interactions with the more than six million followers she has on her social network, the actress opened the question box under the slogan “Tell me”. And the inquiries from her fans were not long in coming. One of them was: “What did you dream last night, Chinita?“, to which the ex of rusherking He responded with a video from the bed, due to the length of the explanation.

After telling that he had written down the nightmare he had so as not to forget it, he continued: “It was very real: I dreamed of a robbery.” In the video, she can be seen in pink pajamas with red mouths, tucked into a hotel bed and completely covered up to her face.

They had to rob me and come at two in the morning, I already knew that; They don’t know the pain in my stomach that I felt waiting for the thieves to come, “he revealed about the feeling that this dark scene left him.” I spoke with his representative to ask them not to be aggressive “she remembered the request she made in a dream to those who tried to rob her.

Such was the fear that she felt with that nightmare that she ended up awake: “No, no, it was horrible, I woke up very relieved when I realized that I was dreaming.” “But I don’t know… something is happening”, It was the conclusion that the model took.

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