The renowned chef GWilliam Calabrese, passed away this Friday morning as a result of cardiac arrest. The news was confirmed through a statement released by the October Group: “He popular cook, who was in charge of the program “what morningto” in the channel 9suffered a decompensation at home and was transferred to Hospital Fernandezwhere he died as a result of a heart attack at dawn today”

In an interview for A. the pinkbeard, the cook’s friends remembered him and assured that they will honor him. “Today we are going to honor him, since we heard the news, we feel and must do so. I’m going to make him a vigilante cheesecake, he loved the combination of cheese and quince, we’re going to do that and then something for the mate “ they started.

“It is impossible not to remember him with a laugh, we have had a great time, we have laughed a lot and there is no way not to remember him that way. He was his job, his profession and his family, and so on. It was that, and from the home to work and so on” hill.

Later, when Cocineros Argentinos started, the chef’s colleagues fired him on the air. “It is very difficult to start doing this program. We are all here, all wanting to pay a great tribute to Guillermo Calabrese. A teacher left us, a partner left us. The entire channel is absolutely moved, we are all speechless ”ripped saenz with teary eyes, like the rest of the team and especially Juan Braceliwho tried to say something but couldn’t get a word out.

“We all remember him, I speak for everyone and I see them all cry, like such a funny person, with such a sense of humor, who leaves that. We see him in the pictures smiling. He had a strong character but humor always prevailed, like his passion for cooking and for work. He left a very strong mark on all of us and this program was his home.”added saenz. “This program is Guillermo Calabrese. He is like our dad.

Juan Braceliwho was also a student and friend of calabreseexplained the impact the news had on the entire channel and chose to remember it, as he explained, “with deep gratitude and joy.”I have never laughed as much in my life as with Calabrese and Juan Ferrara”, he assured, and explained that although he had not been with him for so many years, he made him feel cared for. “We’ve been through a billion, a lot… I can’t believe everything we’ve experienced. And there it is, as it says there, Eternal Cala. It’s here, with us, somehow”, he assured. “Todo the channel is dismayed, hurt, grateful, wanting to join this tribute ”, continuous.

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