According to the survey Fitofarma, made by Arkopharma Laboratories with the advice of Phytotherapy Research Center (INFITO), 47% of Spaniards have been on a diet in the last year and more than half plan to lose weight this year. Of the latter, 47% claim to know how to do it alone. However, the reality is quite different, since “many people turn to the Internet where adequate advice is not always found and practices that can be dangerous to health are even proposed,” he warns. Silvia Moreno, nutritionist and coordinator of the Cuida tu Línea Program from Arkopharma Laboratories. As a consequence, “in addition to following an unhealthy diet, most people do not usually lose the weight they need, either because the method is not enough for them or because they immediately abandon it due to the impossibility of maintaining it over time. And, if they lose weight, it is little or they recover it quickly, due to the rebound or yo-yo effect, ”explains Moreno. In fact, according to survey data, one in four Spaniards who have dieted in the last year have lost little weight and 16% have gained it back.

    How to lose weight with medicinal plants?

    Experts agree that diets to lose weight must be balanced and be accompanied by the practice of physical exercise on a moderate and regular basis. And, in addition, taking pharmaceutical preparations from medicinal plants can be of great help. “It is a series of plants that act as adjuncts to diet and exercise, to lose those extra kilos gradually and sustainably over time,” he says. youEresa Ortega, Professor of Pharmacology at the Complutense University of Madrid and Vice President of INFITO.

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    Allied medicinal plants to lose weight

    There are different plants depending on the problem you have to control your weight:

    Garcinia Cambogia

    It is an ally to avoid pecking between meals. “It helps control the desire to eat sugar and helps to keep blood sugar and fat levels normal. It also reduces the storage of body fat and promotes weight regulation,” he says. Mª Luz García Toro, pharmacist and director of communication at Arkopharma. It is recommended to take half an hour before lunch and dinner.

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    Fat burner Q77 + (35 €/60 units). Contains L-Carnitine, garcinia-cambogia and plant extracts to reduce appetite and increase fat burning.


    It has satiating properties and can be useful for you to control the amount of what you eat. “It is a soluble fiber with a great capacity to capture water. In addition to producing satiety, it prevents constipation, lowers cholesterol levels and those of glucose and insulin”, according to García Toro. It is recommended to consume three grams a day, in three doses of 1 g each.

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      Forte Pharma

      Xtra Slim 700 Shot (€29.95/14 units). Contains konjac glucomannan that helps moderate appetite and black currant, with a draining action.

      Horse tail

      It is a draining plant that helps to eliminate liquids. “It has diuretic properties and helps the elimination of liquids by the kidneys and the urinary tract. In addition, thanks to its silicon content and other minerals, it is a wonderful remineralizer that improves nails and hair”, points out the pharmacist. Three capsules a day are recommended.

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        Arkocápsulas Cola de Caballo (€9.20), from Arkopharma. It favors the increase in the amount of urine and cleanses the urinary tract.


        It is indicated if you need to purify the liver and gallbladder. “It contributes to weight control and the maintenance of blood lipid levels, normal liver function, digestion and the elimination of toxins”, explains the Arkopharma expert. It is also considered a detox plant for its ability to eliminate toxins. It is recommended to take 4 capsules daily, divided into two doses during meals.

          Artichoke Arkocapsules (€8.60), from Arkopharma. Facilitates heavy digestions and the elimination of fluids from the body.

          Green tea or Camilina

          Its main effect is fat burning. “It contributes to lipid metabolism and reduces the accumulation of body fat. It also helps to eliminate liquids”, assures García Todo. A curiosity: it is the medicinal plant best known by Spaniards, according to the Fitofarma 2020 survey.

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            Concentrate Minceur Express J14 (47 €/14 u) of LPG. 14-day express cure with green tea, caffeine and L-Carnitine to promote metabolism and fat oxidation.

            Take care of your line program

            you have at your disposal in numerous Spanish pharmacies a team of nutritionists who offer nutritional advice, physical activity programs and recommend the most appropriate medicinal plant for your case. “We make visits to pharmacies where we recommend the most suitable products as an adjunct treatment in weight loss, accompanied by weekly menus, advice, recipes and a measurement of body composition with bioimpedance”, describes the nutritionist. To find out which pharmacies offer this service, you can call 915 27 15 12.

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