Shortly after turning 23, Luca Martin stands out as a great presenter – just like his father Matias Martin– and was summoned by Comic Con Argentina to be the host and interview the various figures that will visit this edition, during the weekend.

Once again the meeting that brings together fans of movies, series, comics, gaming, anime, manga and cosplayers began. This new installment is celebrated this weekend in Costa Salguero and Luca Martin occupies a very important role.

Luca Martín with the Salamanca cousins ​​from Breaking Bad. Photo: Instagram.

I fulfilled my dream of dying at the hands of a Salamanca“, wrote the influencer, in his Instagram stories where he posed very funny with The Salamanca cousins ​​of breaking bad, Luis Moncada and Daniel Moncada, whom he interviewed on day 1.

Luca Martin hosting Comic Con Argentina. Photo: Instagram

Like every year, the Comic Con will have the presence of referents of pop culture. Among them, the presence of Evanna Lynch, the actress who played luna lovegood in the Harry Potter film saga, which will be participating in the center stage this June 3 and 4.

The funny photos of his assembled family that Luca Martin shared

In the first, he is seen with Morena and Julián, the children of Nancy Duplaa and Pablo Echarri.

Luca Martin with the children that his mother Nancy Duplaa had with Pablo Echarri: Morena and Julián.

In the other image, he is seen with his father and the two children he had with Natalia Graciano and his other two siblings: Mia and Alejo. He, of course, is the eldest and the only son of Nancy and Matías.

Luca with his father, Matías, Natalia Graciano and his younger brothers.

Matías and Natalia have been together for 17 years and, although they had some crises -they assure that in 2019 they were about to separate- today they are seen united and very happy. As for Nancy and Pablo: they have been together for 22 years, they met while recording the soap opera ‘Los Buscas’ and they claim to live “in total harmony”.

Beyond the photos, what is interesting and positive about Luca’s message is that he clearly has an excellent relationship with his huge stepfamily.

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