Lucas Benvenuto He decided to pause an audiovisual project about his life that was already underway. Her decision was made after making public her complaint against jey mammon for sexual abuse.

In a video posted on his channel Youtube, Benvenuto explained that the decision was made on the recommendation of his therapist and by his own choice. “I’m not ready to do it, to have those scenes shown, or to sit down and talk to a director about everything that happened. It wouldn’t do me good to see the abuse scenes, it would be too strong for me,” he said..

The young man acknowledged that these scenes are unavoidable in an audiovisual project about his life, but that he does not feel strong enough to see them and that he does not believe that being able to observe them adds to the people. “I thrive on creating moments of happiness. I am my own factory of creating happiness. This is a step to take. I don’t know if full happiness exists,” he commented.

My story was very manipulated by some means or people who still can’t understand it. So, I see a book differently from a movieI see it as something healing. That I do agree to do. I was not able to verbalize it and writing was a way of being able to externalize it. It helped me a lot. Publishing a book would be like writing the last page of my story,” Lucas said.

“There it helps to heal whoever needs it, I don’t know, but I feel that In addition to helping me, I would help others. The thing is that it’s easy to write, but it’s not so easy to get a book out. Anyway, there are many people who are helping me…”, added Benvenuto with a certain mystery before adding a certainty: “It will not be now”.

“I am quite sensitive and more with myself. I’ve been a little bad a few weeks ago but not anymore. I have a new psychologist, I am committed to letting myself help, to let me hug, I am learning as I evolve as a person”, concluded the young man.

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