Luciana Salazar (42) was encouraged to talk about a super sensitive and intimate topic. The model and host told what she says to her 5-year-old daughter Matilda when the girl questions her “why she doesn’t have a dad.” And she also detailed how the little girl carries the absence of Martín Redrado.

In an interview with Sofia Jujuy Jimenez For the program “Mandale fruta”, Luciana began by talking about her decision to be a single mother.

Many things happened to me, my decision to be a single mother was somewhat forced, it was not a choice. A lot of things happened, which is not right now for me to tell it because it is part of my daughter’s story, but it was a forced decision,” he explained, without going into details.

Then Lulipop added: “But hey, life leads you to destiny sometimes. You want something but life but it ends up taking you down other paths, accepting the realities… And well, based on what happens to you, go forward. It is what happened to me and if things happened like this, and maybe with the traditional family, Matilda would not have been in this world. Everything has a reason”.

Matilda and Luciana Salazar posing together in front of the mirror with sunglasses

How Matilda Salazar lives the fact of not having a father as a reference

Luciana also told how she deals with the questions her daughter asks her about the lack of a father figure in her life. It happened to me last year Matilda began to question me. She came the first day of school, she saw all the dads and moms, and she says to me ‘mom, why don’t I have a dad?’. And I told her ‘Matu, because mom wanted her to be just mom. And so, you are going to have little friends who have only mom, only dad, or mom and dad. There are many types of family“.

Matilda Salazar and her super chic outfit for tea

Faced with this answer, the little girl retorted: “But I want to have a dad”and Salazar asked him: “Matu, do you love mom? Are you happy? When she said yes, I told her ‘well, mom wants to be just mom’. She stayed there and didn’t ask me anymore”he concluded.

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