In recent days, the rumor began to circulate that it would indicate that Luciano Castro and Flor Vigna would be separated after almost two years as a couple. Although both avoid giving too many details about their sentimental situation, the actor decided to break the silence.

When asked about the versions that claimed that he had distanced himself from his girlfriend, Castro responded without hesitation, in dialogue with PrimiciasYa: “It is not like that, we are not separated. Thank you”.

What Flor Vigna would have said about her relationship with Luciano Castro

At the moment the actress and singer remains out of the sayings that circulate. In fact, from her social networks, where she usually shares a lot of her life, she did not allude to the matter of the moment.

Luciano Castro and Flor Vigna

As explained Stephanie Berardi in very morning, contacted Vigna and her response was “weird”. The panelist assured that Flor answered her: “At this moment I prefer not to talk about it.” The truth is that these versions began to circulate when it was confirmed that she would leave the work The divorcestarring Luciano Castro.

How the divorce rumors started

“They are separated. They will deny it for a few days because they still have to spend time together at work. But the intimate environment of Flor Vigna and Luciano Castro confirms that they are separating,” he said decisively Nancy Duré in show partners.

Faced with this bombshell, the panelist explained: “They never lived together by their own decision. Flor has a house where her recording studio was also set up. And she said that she was getting off the play because she wanted to dedicate herself exclusively to music. But what they tell me from the environment is that the idea of ​​working together was not as good as they thought. Obviously, there are problems.”

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