the month of Snake in the Chinese horoscope and Ludovica Squirru predicts that “This period will continue the economic problems of the previous month.” In his book of predictions published by Editions B, the specialist says that it is a time “propitious to travel, but it will also cause moving and painful life changes for a large part of the zoo.”

“Stock markets, casinos and bookmakers could cause instability in markets that are not normally affected by these businesses. The most altered areas will be the southwest, northeast, west and the very center of the earth. There is no need to lend or borrow ”, he recommends.

Ludovica Squirru’s predictions for zoo animals in May

The snake month collides with the year of the rabbit and that will put the rat in the middle of an energetic dispute. To protect yourself, it is necessary not to make enemies with anyone, especially with family members. The rats from 1960 and 2020 will feel exhausted for no apparent reason, the ones from 1948 and 1996 will have more energy during the first half of the month, but ironically that will make them reckless and they might have little accidents, 1972 ones will need to watch out for theft or minor loss. In general, it is a complex month that will require attention and cunning.

Ludovica Squirru’s book from Ediciones B.

The month of the snake will help you to be flexible, to work under the conditions that the buffalo itself can handle. However, the month clashes with the current year, therefore, entangled in all kinds of misunderstandings and problems that, although they will not be yours, they could be attributed to you, and that will be dangerous. The priority of the 1949 and 2009 buffaloes will be their stomach health; for those of 1961 and 1921, their emotional health, because they will be somewhat sad. Others will have more energy, but instead of taking advantage of it to solve the lives of others, they have to attend to their personal needs first.

This month will be marked by frivolity, gossip and love sickness (more in the case of men); don’t believe any rumors, especially internet conspiracies. In the case of the tigers of 1974 and 1998, love disasters will cause you to not be able to manage anger in a healthy way. It is better to keep a cool mind through medium to high impact sports. Swimming or ice skating are good activities for all tigers during this month of the snake, except perhaps the 1950’s tigers, who are of a more delicate constitution and could take a fall.

The month of the snake with yin fire attracts financial disasters, losses and thefts. The rabbit will be a highly susceptible sign to suffer economic problems. It is recommended that he not ask for loans, much less that he himself lend money or goods to other people, unless he considers them as gifts, because he will never see that money back. It will also not be a good idea to invest, buy property or vehicles, much less build something. This month is best for socializing with others, planning exciting projects, and laughing a lot with the help of comedians and fun activities.

The month of the snake will oscillate between happiness and love disappointments. Some dragons will be tempted and seek to resurrect an old love. This is not the year to risk breaking your heart, as the energy of the rabbit and its combination with the snake give the dragon a strong penchant for drama and tragedy. This seems incredible in such a stoic being, but precisely for this reason he will not know how to handle such intense emotions well. Better that you focus on the streaks of happiness that you will have with small immaterial achievements and your most loyal friends.

Ludovica Squirru.
Ludovica Squirru.

The rabbit/snake combination will affect all snakes in the nest: their political abilities will be negatively affected, which can hurt international relations in the world because many snakes, especially those of 1941, 1953 and 1989 chose the path of politics and activism as their main vocation. Snakes know well how to measure the problems they face, but this month will have them out of balance, so we ask you to work as a team and learn to delegate when you don’t know how to solve the problem you are facing.

This month could mean a loss of motivation due to energetic and emotional vampires that you can drive away by simply stopping wasting your life, money and energy on businesses or problems that are not yours. You also need to block bad medical advice and internet rumors. The solution to everything will be to try to focus on what is really valuable: your time, which you can manage using a good calendar and applications to better manage your productivity or your mental health. The most vulnerable will be the 1966 and 1990 horses due to heart and emotional health issues.

The snake activates a streak of fire energy that will affect the goats based on their year of birth. Goats from 1943 and 1991 will feel exhausted. They could suffer from an infection in the respiratory system, so precautionary measures should be taken. Goats from 1955 and 2015 will be cyclothymic, sometimes inspired, sometimes discouraged, it all depends on the local climate; the more rain, the more discouragement. The goats from 1967 and 2003 will improve their health and state of mind a lot. The best saves will be those from 1979, which could pay off debts and get recognition for their good work.

The month of the snake has never been easy for them in any year. If the monkey keeps a diary or diary and reads those from previous years, he will see that a good part of the conflicts he has faced occur in this month. The energy that is produced from the combination of energies causes the monkey to lose some of its characteristic verve and resilience. Neurodivergent monkeys of any age will be the most sensitive of the group, so they should stay away from places and situations that raise their anxiety levels. The others just have to be more diplomatic.

On the 7th, 19th and 31st, the rooster will make a combination with the sign of the snake that governs the month. Those days he will be more rooster than ever, and that can be ambivalent; on the one hand, the rooster will feel better about himself, but on the other, since it is the year of the rabbit, people similar to his opposite sign could antagonize the rooster, which will close some doors for him. If for some reason you have to make important deals with bureaucrats or counter workers, you need to turn to managers or, at least, to more diplomatic people. It is better that you try to rest.

Ludovica Squirru.
Ludovica Squirru.

The month of the snake will be a frivolous month in which the most banal will be important, even for a short moment, so you will have a well-deserved time to relax and rest. From now on things will be much more manageable, better for him to look for scholarships, competitions and diplomas that could turn his existence around. This month the number of opportunities that you will have to take advantage of to achieve a more stable life will increase. Even the dogs of 1934 will see that there are institutions and individuals who believe in their multiple talents. You will be able to shine again, bark at the moon and enjoy, as long as you allow optimism to come back into your life.

The opposite month will be less complex than in other years. The pigs of 1947 have different challenges than the other pigs; they will have to take care of their finances to the maximum and not ask for money or credits; if they need money, it is better that they sell something of value. In the case of the 2007 pigs, their parents need to better attend to their needs and listen without judging them. The other pigs have to be more patient, nor try to read between the lines of the people around you, since your perceptive abilities will be less. You have to look for ways to clarify problems before they become complicated.

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