The soul has returned to the body. Luis Diaz, player of the Liverpool, and Egan BernHe, a cyclist from the Ineos team, two icons of Colombian sports, who went through difficult times, took a long time to return successfully, were once again the protagonists.

Díaz, who was sidelined for six months due to injury, returned to the title role for his club, which beat Tottenham 4-3 in an electrifying match, and scored a goal with the ‘reds’ shirt. He hadn’t done it since September 5, 2022, when he scored against Naples in Italy.

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great climb

Bernal finished eighth in the Vuelta a Romandía, something that is exciting, because a year ago around this time he was trying to walk again, after the accident he suffered in January when he crashed into a bus.

Luis Diaz celebrates the goal.

For them, these results are immense. Díaz had been a substitute in two previous matches against Nottingham and Leeds, entered in the second half, but once again receive the confidence of the coach, Jurgen Kloppand the goal scored fills him with enthusiasm for the remainder of the Premier League, whose objective is to reach a place in the 2023-2024 Champions League.

Liverpool are seven points behind fourth-table Manchester United and finish inside the top four for a place in the Champions League is the goal. The peasant scored five minutes into the first half, made it 2-0, once again showing his quality and helping the team achieve a key victory.

Díaz finished the game at minute 17 of the second half, but he delivered. “I yelled the goal with all my might, a different goal that represents dedication, effort and fighting spirit,” Díaz wrote on his social networks.

broke a streak

Little by little, Bernal rediscovered himself with a good pedal stroke and this Swiss competition has helped him regain confidence.

The rider of cundinamarca He came to the test looking to give a hand to ethan hayterwho was the leader of the squad, but once succumbed, because Bernal did his job.

In the queen stage on Saturday, Bernal couldn’t hold his own six kilometers into the final ascent, he couldn’t keep up with the pace imposed by the strongest, but he crossed the finish line in eighth place in the fraction.

eighth grade

And in the general, Egan Bernal rose to eighth, in a single day he climbed 231 positions, but the most important thing is that he was close to the best, pedaling at his side, recovering the good feelings he had before the accident.

“After all this eighth place overall is a great little win.”

This season is one of analysis, of going calmly, but what happened in Romandie is a sign that the work has paid off, even if the rivals have not been Tadej Pogacar, Jonas Vingegaard, Remco Evenepoeol or Primoz Roglic, that when they run they don’t leave even the crumbs.

“After all this eighth place overall is a great little win,” said Egan.

Bernal, with this ‘top’ 10, overcame a streak of one year, seven months and 25 days of having finished a test within the top 10. On September 5, 2021, when he was in the sixth box of the Back to Spain.

That time, the 2019 Tour de France champion fell 13 minutes and 27 seconds behind the winner, Roglic.

What happened to Díaz and Bernal, two of the highest representatives of sports in the country, excites a country that hopes that the great deeds of two of its idols will return soon.

Lisandro Rengifo
Editor of EL TIEMPO