Luis Majul He spoke for the first time about a female fan who would have a crush on him and who recorded a song on his behalf. anna cleta is the name of a woman who went viral on social networks because she dreamed of the renowned journalist and captured her experience in a song.

Suddenly I remember that I had a romantic and somewhat erotic dream, I dreamed that I was dating Luis Majul. Nobody does it like he did Luis Majul. After that dream you are my owner Luis Majul. I fell asleep watching videos of Youtube and now my boyfriend is Luis Majul“, says the super catchy song.

In The Nation+the channel you work on Luis MajulThey showed the video and the journalist did not take long to clarify. “I want to clarify that if this video is being seen by people who know me, love me and do not know the story, that I do not know anna cleta“.

At that moment, Marina Calabró interrupted him to say: “It doesn’t matter, she doesn’t say they know each other“. For his part, louis novaresiohe said: “She says it ‘I had an erotic dream with Luis Majul, nobody does it better than Luis Majul“. Finally, calabro closed by saying: “And now my boyfriend is Luis Majul“.

For their part, the show partners They showed the video and the response of the political journalist. Among other things, they analyzed the situation and commented: “Luis Majul loves it, guys. The happy face he has is noticeable,” he said Adrian Pallares.

Before the question of Virginia Gallardo because of the sentimental situation of majulThey made it clear that he is married. Before closing the fun television moment, they highlighted that louis novaresio He joked with the situation that he found super funny.

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