If there is a character about whom urban legends have arisen the most, that is the singer Luis Miguel. By his own decision, since the Mexican idol has been characterized throughout his brilliant career by opacity in regards to his private life.

The romance between Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas that began in 2022, between September and October according to many, is reinforced after having captured them for the first time very happy and together in Marbella, Andalusian city in southern Spain, enjoying the Easter holidays.

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The celebrity couple “has been caught” by photographers kissing. A simple kiss that has revolutionized the headlines of all the heart press. And it is not for less, because many have indicated that the couple is already planning the wedding.

In the last year, they have traveled together and gone out together at night, something that clearly hinted at romance. And despite the fact that the singer likes to be discreet about her private life, the designer likes to share her most beautiful moments through social networks, including photos of her last vacation with her new love. her.

During the recent Easter, the couple seems to have strengthened their love ties as they are no longer hidden. They spent some great days together in Marbella, the most famous and glamorous city on the Malaga coast.

Now that Luis Miguel turned 53 (April 19) and that he has a more stylized image, he consolidates his relationship. It indicates that he has adopted a new, more homely facet. The couple already openly lives with the designer’s daughters. The media agree that the couple was staying in the luxurious mansion that Luis Miguel owns in an exclusive urbanization in Marbella. There they were able to practice golf and ride a horse through the extensive field that the residence has.

What not everyone knows is that the story of the son of Luisito Rey and the ex-partner of the bullfighter Enrique Ponce (Luis Miguel’s compadre) began in his childhood, when the families of both were friends, and they were confidantes in adolescence and in their youth until a few months ago the sentimental thing arrived.

And it is that after the divorce a few years ago from the father of her daughters, Paloma and Bianca Ponce, the Spanish woman, who has an enviable beauty, opened up to love again. They assure that Luis Miguel’s daughter is the best ally of the bride, Paloma, and it has been said that that one, Michelle Salas, met with her father to talk about her wedding with the Spanish woman.

Since their romance was revealed in 2022, specifically in July —never directly confirmed by the protagonists—, Paloma and Luis Miguel have been photographed on different romantic trips, nights out, at the singer’s house in the Madrid urbanization of La Finca. .. and their love is consolidated day by day through gestures and actions despite the fact that there are still no statements.

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the first public kiss

We must not forget that Paloma —who lives with her daughters in the center of Madrid, in Pintor Rosales— also has an address in the luxury urbanization, La Finca, a wedding gift that her father, Victoriano Valencia, gave her a few years ago. years when she married the bullfighter.

Whether through the networks, a photo call or a selfie, the first kiss in a famous couple is always a relevant fact. Now We have finally been able to see this affectionate gesture between Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas to confirm the romance with fanfare.

“With just one kiss, you told me everything, you gave me life”, sings the international Mexican in one of his most romantic songs, and now it is a renowned magazine that has the kiss between the two on its cover in full color, after that they were “very caramelized during a dinner accompanied by friends and family.”

After separating from Ponce, Paloma settled in the mansion that was built on the 3,600-square-meter plot that her father had given them, the farmer Victoriano Valencia. Of about 645 square meters, the maximum allowed by the regulations of the urbanization, with a private pool, to which she moved with her daughters to be more protected from the cameras after the notorious divorce.

The exclusive urbanization began to rise in the eighties, next to a pine forest near Somosaguas that was revalued, first to make a golf course and, later, to allocate it for residential use.

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The urbanization is structured in three zones that also show the different purchasing power of its inhabitants. The one known as Los Lagos I (we are talking about artificial lakes, of course) has chalets and mansions valued at about 10 million euros and for which you can pay a rent of more than 20,000 euros per month.

Given the media lives of each one: that of the designer and that of the singer, with recordings and trips, Everything seems to indicate that they will reside in two adjoining but separate houses, as other celebrities have already done.

And although Luis Miguel has always been jealous with his private life, this romance has not been exempt from some public scandals. Like the one that starred in a restaurant in Spain, he and his ex-friend and compadre, the bullfighter Enrique Ponce, ex-partner of Paloma Cuevas.

Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas attended a luxurious restaurant and Enrique Ponce was in the same establishment. According to information from the Mexican press, the singer approached Ponce’s table to greet him, but the bullfighter reacted by pouring a glass of wine over him.

Witnesses pointed out that the cup fell to the ground and a scandal was formed and that Luis Miguel’s bodyguards had to intervene so that both did not come to blows.

The separation of Paloma and the bullfighter would have been motivated by the alleged infidelity of Ponce with the influencers Ana Soria. Ponce and Cuevas are godparents at the baptism of one of the children the singer had with his ex-wife, actress Aracely Arámbula. After the separation of the bullfighter and the designer, it was a matter of time before Paloma, 50, and Luis Miguel could have a romance, because they were friends for many years.

Paloma studied international business at Boston University, in the United States, in the field of fashion she rose to fame with the firm Rosa Clara; She is an ambassador for the Aladina Foundation, which supports children with cancer. She was married for 24 years to the bullfighter Enrique Ponce.


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