Luisa Fernanda W is one of the best-known ‘influencers’ in the country, as she constantly uploads content on her social networks about makeup, fashion, her family’s blogs, trips, trends, among others. However, In the last few hours, he surprised his followers by saying that he would leave Colombia for a work project.

On her official Instagram account, the content creator shared a ‘reel’ in which she told various details of her plans for the future, including, revealed that in 15 days she will embark on a journey for a professional project that she is very excited about. In addition, he commented that for this reason he will be absent for an indefinite time from social networks.

“I’ll make a trip. Perhaps it is the trip that generates the most expectation in my life. For what I will be absent from social networks, I do not know if a week, two weeks, three weeks or a month, let’s see how long, it all depends on how it goes. I only tell you that I am going for a project outside of Colombia, ”she reported.

Luisa Fernanda in her video She confessed that at first she was hesitant to accept, but her partner Pipe Bueno, her work team and family convinced her to accept this great opportunity for her career.

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I am going to do this for my children, for my family. He left everything in the hands of God. It is a very cool project and I really have high expectations

“At first, I was a little scared, because as I tell you: ‘Every change brings fear.’ I am going to do this for my children, for my family. He left everything in the hands of God. It is a very cool and the truth is that I have high expectations”, he commented.

The “influencer” did not provide more details about it, but Her followers have told her that they are very happy for her and wish her well. Some people even speculated that it could be a reality show.

“Good luck Lu in this new project”; “Everything will be worth it, you’ll see!”; “We know that you will shine the same as always. Good luck!!!”; “We must not miss the opportunities that God gives us in this beautiful life, so from the bottom of my heart I send you my prayers and good vibes and that you do very well,” are some of the comments from his followers.

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Finally, Luisa Fernanda also took advantage of this video to refer to the people who criticize her for the hairstyle she is wearing latelywhich consists of collecting all her hair, since many affirm that due to the tension she will become bald.

Given this, she replied that she likes how her hair looks that way and for people who are concerned, she clarified that she does not apply tension and that she only uses hair products so that she does not have loose hair and the hairstyle looks cleaner.


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