Angelina Jolie He was in the news in the last hours thanks to his son, Maddoxwho is one of three who adopted along with Brad Pitt in the past. Together, the members of that couple had three biological children, shiloh and the twins vivienne and Knox; and three adoptive: the already mentioned Maddox, Zahara and people.

The reason that Jolie newsworthy event is that he attended along with Maddoxthe eldest of all, to a dinner at the White Housethe presidential residence and government house of the USA. In addition, among them, the president of South Korea, Yoon Suk-yeol. The young man Maddox21, studies biochemistry at the Yonsei Universityfrom the aforementioned Asian country.

As usual, Angelina Jolie He showed off his beauty, but also his style. The artist wore an outfit that she had the white color as the protagonist. As she could be seen in some photos of her, she used a long dress and a jacket of that color.

The actress’s brown hair was loose and Death in Town, but she sported blonde waves. Besides, Angelina Jolie used various accessories. The most outstanding was a necklace of pearls in golden tones together with an envelope of the same pigment. With respect to make updid not hesitate to bet on the classic and used a red lipstick.

For his part, the son Jolie and Pitt adopted just over two decades ago, Maddox, surprised to be shown publicly after a long time. His well-marked style spoke volumes about him.

Currently, the young man’s hair is much longer than before and was combed to the side. Furthermore, he wore a black suit with a white shirt and a long april. His outfit was accompanied by shoes and a black tie.

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