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A major book on India-Saudi relations, written by leading journalist and author Ghazanfar Ali Khan, will be published early next year. The book, which delves into history and is the first to reflect on the future of India-Saudi relations in the rapidly changing geopolitical landscape, claims to reveal for the first time all aspects of the relationship between the two countries. . Today, Saudi Arabia has more than 2.6 million of her Indian workers.

Khan has worked in the Saudi mainstream media for about 27 years, as well as seven years as bureau chief for Arab News, Saudi Arabia’s largest English-language daily. It focuses on bilateral relations in the field. human resources and culture. “During his career as a journalist, Khan has written and published some 25,000 reports, news articles and feature articles in various publications, including his 5,000 on India-Saudi relations. It contains articles from , ”said a profile of the recently published book.

Mr. Khan, who has had the honor of attending several global media conferences in some 35 countries, has written a book about the different stages of cooperation between the two forces and the changes that have occurred at different times. is focused on The book explores the nature of the strategic issues that have led the two countries to be called “natural allies” and “strategic allies” in contemporary issues such as strategic relations and energy security that govern bilateral relations. and features are investigated.

The book also analyzes the nature and extent of economic relations and defense cooperation. “This work is an in-depth analysis of the past and present events that have shaped and are shaping the relationship between the two countries, and a look at what the future holds,” Profile said. Because of their historical role and importance in contemporary international politics, Saudi Arabia and India have been permanently placed in the crosshairs of policy circles and interested observers in almost every other region of the world.

“Significant interactions that touch on all aspects of Riyadh-New Delhi relations, from diplomatic and military ties to economic and cultural ties, are particularly highlighted in the book,” said the profile of the author’s biography. Giving details, Khan arrived in Saudi Arabia in 1993 from a small village in Bihar, eastern India. Today, he is a high-profile journalist in the Middle East, in addition to his role as a media consultant and social activist.

He published ‘Arab News’, ‘Related Press’, ‘The Diplomat’ (a journal published by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs), ‘Ahlan Wasahlan’ (an in-flight magazine of Saudi Arabian Airlines), ‘The Hindustan Times’, published by India. A daily newspaper, ‘Nation and the World’, in addition to several other media outlets.

A recipient of several awards and recognitions, Khan has reported extensively on political, development, security, entertainment, aviation and humanitarian issues from Saudi Arabia, India, the United Kingdom, Italy, Greece, Belgium, the Netherlands, Nepal and Bahrain. rice field. , Switzerland, Sweden, Indonesia, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, UAE, China, Malaysia and most recently Germany.

Khan has attended several conferences and dialogues around the world in response to invitations from United Nations agencies, international bodies and several countries. To this end, it is important to note that Khan won the ‘Best Journalist Award of Saudi Arabia (Arab News)’ in 1995 and the European Union’s Dissemination Certificate in 2009. . He has also been on the jury of several journalism awards, including the Samir Foundation Award. Lebanon years ago.

He was a panelist at a key session of the Global Intermedia Dialogue held in Bali (Indonesia) in 2006, and actively participated in the Media Summit held in South Korea in 1995 and held in Athens (Greece). Participated in the global forum for media development. 2008. Since 2018 he regularly participates in the Global Media Forum in Bonn (Germany).

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Major book on India-Saudi relations to be published soon –

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