Some days ago, Chachi Telesco he remembered the hardest episode of his life. When she dreamed of being an actress and worked on a strip of Disney an intimate video with his partner at that time was leaked, he lost his job and then his career was losing weight. Back then, the media treated the issue with humor and did a lot of damage to it. That’s why, Maju Lozanowhom the actress targeted, apologized on her television show.

In 2007, an intimate video of Telesco and Lush made a parody referring to the subject. Therefore, in Every afternoon made a mea culpa, apologized and made himself available to chachi to talk personally and fix things.

“Before starting the program, because this weekend I took the time to see everything calmly because I consider it an important topic, I was able to see some videos that he uploaded Chachi Telesco about something that I had participated in Media Summarya video talking about the subject in the year 2007″, he began by saying Maju in his program The nine.

“I apologize to Chachi for what I said in 2007,” said Maju Lozano

I want to publicly apologize to chachiIt really wasn’t my intention, it was another era, that doesn’t justify it. I saw myself, I saw that video again in that situation that makes me tremendously ill. It is about learning and deconstructing oneself, we are all in deconstruction. He would not do it again clearly, under any circumstances, not with her or with anyone. It is far from me to hurt someone, as she said in her videos and I really apologize publicly, “he added. Lush sincerely.

Then he added that he would like to talk to Telesco. “I have no problem hanging out with her and sitting down to talk. I think the great job of us, the communicators, is knowing how to say ‘I was wrong, I wouldn’t do it again’. It was another context, but I don’t justify it from there either. So my public apologies, it was not intentional. When you see these things, you review and it is a place that makes me very uncomfortable and that I really regret it, ”she justified herself.

Finally, he expressed: “I send you a kiss, I’m here to chat. In my program there is also a space, I have no problem talking to you. And nothing, try to put a situation back together if I can do it. I feel uncomfortable and embarrassed by the situation, ”she closed Maju Lozano about Chachi Telesco.

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