Manuel Urcera and Nicole Neumann lived hours of tension during the last presentation of the racing driver in the Entre Ríos town of Concepción del Uruguay. As reported by LAM, a man would have approached the model to yell at her “cuckold” face, causing her fiancée to go into a rage and physically assault him.

Manu Urcera hit a man who would have yelled at @nikitaneumann as a cuckold. In his discomfort at his poor result in the race, Urcera physically assaulted who would have yelled at Nicole. The victim #LAM“Reported the official account of the América Tv program.

Adding more information about Manu Urcera’s confrontation with the spectator, the Soon Magazine explained that everything happened when the motorist was greeting the public once the race was over. It was then that a man approached him to shake his hand, but the talk that few came to hear became tense and ended with blows.

He punched a fan, who ended up lying on the street and was taken away by the ambulance. The man yelled something at him, Urcera approached, asked for his hand to greet him and there he hit him, that is, treacherously.. On top of that, Manu was in custody and the man alone. It hit him in the pear, he fell to the floor, he got a bloody stain and the people bitched at Urcerawho left with his motorcycle,” said one of the witnesses who witnessed the fight.

To which the sports journalist Carlos Saavedra added: “Saturday night fever in #TCenConcepcion. In the pits with a lot of people walking. A fan at the passage of Manuel #urcera yelled at him an outburst. The tc champion reacted, got off his motorcycle and punched him in the face. When the fan fell to the ground, he would have hit his head on a sharp surface. Shocked sr some would have been referred to a care center. CD Saibene in knowledge of the subject said that he was waiting for a report from the Actc security chief to raise it to caf Actc “.

Since the incident broke out, neither Nicole Neumann nor Manu Urcera have come out to talk about the situation and they continued with their usual activity on their social networks.

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