Argentine actress Marcela Kloosterboer was visiting the program Fernando Dente and He talked about several important moments in his life. Because of her position, one of them was motherhood, and although the model spoke about the subject on several occasions, this time she revealed what the relationship of her little ones is like.

I find their relationship beyond the quilombo spectacular…. It is proportional how badly they get along now with how well they will get along in the future. The love they have with the atrocities that are said will be unconditional,” He expressed with the honesty with which the model is characterized.

Beyond the stormy moments between the two, he highlighted how much they take care of each other: “Juana is afraid to go upstairs, she is 7 years old but she looks for Otto and asks him to accompany her. He tells her ‘yeah, come on’, and grabs Thor’s hammer to defend her.”

“ANDThey throw everything in your face. They are great teachers. Sometimes they tell you things that surprise you. Juana told me: ‘Mom, everything doesn’t have to be perfect.’ It is a great possibility for me to be able to seek change through them.”told with complete sincerity about how much he learns from his children. “They show everything with their eyes and I try to be kinder“, he reflected in dialogue with Fer Dente.

The movie love story of Marcela Kloosterboer and Fernando Sieling

For more than 15 years, Marcela Kloosterboer (39) and Fernando Sieling (41) They are in a relationship and together they formed a family with their two children, Joanna (7) and otto (4). The love story between the actress and the former rugby player began at a dinner with friends, which would end up changing their lives forever.

Those who were present that night confessed on different occasions that the athlete’s crush on the young Argentine star was immediate, so much so that he decided to win her over by singing a romantic song while looking into her eyes.

sieling He worked as a rugby player in the Hurling Club of Buenos Aires in his youth, and is currently a businessman at the Nordelta banquet. The relationship between the lovers became publicly official at the end of 2014, with an intimate wedding that was characterized by having an exclusively vegetarian menu in charge of the chef William Busquiazo.

On March 22, 2016 he was born Joannahis first daughter, and on May 29, 2019 he arrived otto. The couple maintains a rather low profile despite being two well-known names in the artistic environment and currently the businessman does not even have social networks. However, on special dates and anniversaries Marcela shares some family photos with his almost 3 million followers on Instagram.

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