After the scandal that was generated in several programs for an alleged romance of the china suarez, which she denied, the accusations went to many sides. One of the people accused by the actress of lying and inventing her love affair was the journalist Marcela Taurus who in a conversation with GWilliam Coppola revealed the shocking fact.

After this, the actress made a release on her social networks and Marcela confessed what happened the night the rumor started. “The truth is that I don’t care. We told of a situation that we experienced last week, that we went to lunch and we were with all the people from the radio and a very old man came and told us ‘they know who China is with’ I I didn’t hear everything” began clarifying.

“We thought it was someone young and he told us it was someone old, I don’t know who he was talking about. I left the conversation, I threw it at him as a game. I don’t think Guillermo said that ‘It was to follow my lead’ current’ because he is my partner. In addition, China said here, in Intruders ‘I don’t go out with Vicuña’ and they went out, and she swore it on the air, so if she is the same, she could have sworn a lot of things and not “ Taurus glared at the actress, assuring that the lies did not come from her.

Marcela Tauro spoke about Jorge Rial’s health

This weekend it was public knowledge that the driver, Jorge Rial he had to be admitted urgently to a Clínica del Country de Bogota Colombiaafter suffering an acute myocardial infarction. After his delicate state became known, in a chat with Partners of the Show, the journalist Marcela Tauro mentioned the health of rial and how he found out the news of his hospitalization.

“I found out on Saturday night, I can’t say who informed me, it came to me that he was hospitalized and that he was wrong. I was at home,” indicated the journalist, who was very concerned about the situation of her former co-worker.

And also, Taurus He remarked what he was thinking at that moment: “First I did not believe it, I did not know that he had traveled to Colombia, and when I found out a little more I spoke with the production of Intruders. Layús (Pablo) spoke to the family assured.

“Until 12 at night the news was not very good. I prefer not to tell if I sent Jorge a message or not, there are things that I keep to myself”, Indian Tauruswho despite the fact that his employment relationship with rialshowed interest in his health, but without giving too many details.

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