Marcelo Polino entered at the end of the broadcast of Controversy in the Bar and was the protagonist of an important council for Anabel Sanchez, one of the models of the moment. The young woman who dreams of participating in a global campaign of Vogue and that it is confirmed for the dancing 2023 took all eyes.

The entertainment journalist has a lot of experience in the Dancing for a Dream because he was the protagonist of several editions as a jury. Polino He was part of endless controversies and his cold but poignant style remained for the history of the television show Marcelo Tinelli.

In that sense, when he entered the study of the program for Marcela Tinayre said: “You brought me a participant of the Dancingfirst contestant I know of alive.” From afar, he invited her to stand and told Anabel that he wanted to greet her. “She is the first participant and she is so pretty,” commented the host.

“You’ve been very lucky in your career until you get to the Dancing and you face the zeros of Polino. You have to rehearse a lot, you have to rehearse a lot because I am very demanding when it comes to putting notes. can tell you Marcela because I had her Joanna…”, commented Polino. At that moment, Marcela He stated that he was right and he asked the model if she was dancing or if she was just doing TikTok.

“Yes, I dance a lot. Everything that is urban and classical dance. I have a coach and a dancer, but it’s a super secret,” he replied. Anabel Sanchez. At that moment, tinayre he asked “Can’t you tell the dancers?”.

Between laughs and a little shy, the model replied: “Yes, people already know but we fuck on the networks.” Finally, Marcelo Polino he narrowed: “Hernan Alegre He’s going to be the coach, I know him and he’s very good”.

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