The new radio program of the panelist from THE M, Yanina Latorre and as the first guest in his great debut he had the driver Marcelo Tinelli. One of the main topics in the talk was the arrival of Dancing for a Dream on TV. the presenter confirmed to brito angel as a jury, but the journalist denied it.

Did Ángel de Brito finally accept you, did they fix the contract? Yanina Latorre to Marcelo Tinellibut the answer surprised: “Don’t play hard to get. Angel. He’s already there… I love him but he plays difficult” began by explaining Marcelo.

brito angel He did not remain silent before the driver’s confession and responded immediately in his program THE M: “He has three confirmed jurors. A detail is missing, it’s not that I make it difficultl”, and added, “Difficult? You are difficult, Marcelo”.

When the new driver, Yanina Latorre closed the contraction Angel He denied it again and assured: “So far we are far. I need to achieve one condition” raising the unknown among the panelists of the program.

In addition, the driver added: “I have just arrived from having spent the weekend with my children, I am already working at home, thinking that tomorrow I will officially start in America, putting together everything new, what I am preparing for the programming, the institutional, press issues ”.

“I am very happy, very enthusiastic, very motivated, very grateful for this opportunity, which I did not expect at this point in my life, because I did not think it was going to take me so hard. I like it because America is a channel that always goes for more, that wants to grow. I liked the challenge and we are going forward”, Tinelli added.

On the other hand, he did not want to give clues as to who the participants will be, something that will begin to be known from this week. “We are going to confirm them from tomorrow because they have to start rehearsing. We are interested in all those who gave in the networks and we had talks, but we have not closed them. We are going to have a great cast, with 16 or 18 couples. And we are going to do at least 100 programs. We are also going to have a red carpet and different things are going to be done”he promised.

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