While they prepare for the recordings of what will be the reality show of their lives, the Tinelli clan is more united than ever on the networks. These are busy weeks for Marcelo Tinelli that he has a new hierarchical role on América TV and that he is preparing to debut on that screen with Bailando 2023, so family moments give that injection of relaxation to move forward.

“The Four Musketeers of Rhythm”, The entertainer wrote on his Instagram account when showing a video in which he can be seen dancing with three members of his circle. Is about Fran Tinelli, Juanita tinelli and Luciano El Tirri who took a few steps in a curious little train that was acclaimed on the networks.

The video quickly garnered thousands of likes on Instagram and received comments of all kinds: including, stands out the one of Alfa of Big Brother who wrote “preparing us” in a clear allusion to what will be his participation in the Dancing 2023.

“You took out the prohibited ones,” wrote the actor Brian Buley; “I love you”, put Juanita; Mimi, El Tirri’s girlfriend, chose to comment with three red hearts and Mica Tinelli made the claim because he was not present and exclaimed “they caught me”.

Marcelo Tinelli made a proposal to Paula Robles, his ex-wife, and she rejected it

A few days ago, Ángel de Brito revealed that the driver was interested in Paula Robles being one of the participants in Bailando 2023. By launching the unknown, her right hand Yanina Latorreassured that he spoke on several occasions with Oak trees and explained: “She’s tired, she says she’s grown up, she doesn’t dance anymore” and mentioned that the ex Marcelo Tinelli”youHe has other projects.” Then he continued: “They are trying to convince her, but Paula is firm saying no, she is not a character that generates a lot for me to see, because she is very reserved.”

Marcelo Tinelli responded to Lourdes Sánchez

Since it became known that the producer and conductor Marcelo Tinelli came back with him Dancing for a Dreamthis year for Americait began to speculate who would be the first confirmed to the track, it is known that pampita is one of the most named for this position, and in an interview for THE M, the driver defended the model. “The one who didn’t like Pampita so much and asked for renewal...” mentioned brit angelor, and continued “It is Lourdes Sánchez, he said that he saw it in many juries, that it is already a repeated figure ”.

Then Marcelo ironically took his head and expressed: “Uh, but what a problem, don’t tell me, it grabbed me as something like ‘uf’, what a trick and I don’t know if I should do it now with the program”. Then he continued to target his executive producer’s wife. “First she dedicates herself to finishing her house in Corrientes, that she dedicates herself to the Carnival, I would love to have her on the dance floor, I’m telling her, at this moment, but that she does not think about the contest, we put together the contest” .

Then no filter shot: “There she believes that she has the right to give her opinion because she is the woman of El Chato Prado, but there are four juries, and if something comes out there may be a fifth jury, but no. And I’m not going to say who she could be because if she doesn’t, I’ll put it here.” hill.

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