Marcelo Tinelli accompanies your children in every step they take. On this occasion, she gave the present at the Fabián Zitta parade for which his daughter Juanita was summoned as a model. The young woman’s mother also attended. Paula Robles.

The brand new driver shared several images of the event from his social networks. Very proud of his daughter, he wrote: “See your daughter parade and she looks like you’re dead in love. Congratulations. I love you and you broke her.”

El Tirri, Juanita and Marcelo Tinelli

Marcelo spoke with the press from the exclusive event: “It makes me very excited to see it, I’m excited. What has grown since the first parade that I saw her, to this one, is awesome“.

Paula Robles, Juanita Tinelli and Susana Milano

“We still have the videos with the tacos, which he fell at home, when he was 2 years old. Juani always liked to do fashion shows, put on clothes, dress up. I remembered at one point in the parade that she would fall down with the plastic heels we had bought for her. So yeah, she always liked that“Revealed the driver in dialogue with Intruders.

The notero praised the beautiful family they made Marcelo and Paula Robles. The dancer quickly replied: “We are family and we love each other very much.”

How were the months of Juanita Tinelli in Paris

The daughter of the famous Argentine businessman and television host Marcelo Tinelli, Juanita Tinelli, settled several times in Paris, France, where she ventured into the fashion world as a haute couture model. She currently resumed her schedule in Buenos Aires, but does not deny returning to work in Europe.

At the age of 20, Juanita stood out on the European catwalks thanks to her beauty and personal style. Since she arrived in the capital of France, she has managed to work with important designers and has already walked on renowned international catwalks.

juanita tinelli
Juanita Tinelli debuted at Paris Fashion Week.

In addition to her work as a model, Juanita found in Paris a city that captivated her with its culture, architecture and gastronomy. Through her social networks, the young woman shared with her followers some of her experiences and adventures in the French capital with her friend Inés de ella, and she confessed that she feels completely in love with the city ​​and its lifestyle.

Juanita Tinelli posing in the streets of Paris.

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