The success was resounding for all the participants of Big Brother 2022but without a doubt figures like Marcos Ginocchio and Juliet Poggio They have known how to stand out from their peers, due to their life stories, charisma and dedication to the public.

Tonight El Primo was surprised at the Ezeiza airport when he was heading with his team to Miami to continue with a string of jobs abroad. It was then that the LAM cameras approached to find out some details about his private life.

“Are you single?” Ángel de Brito asked him, to which the man from Salta responded very seriously: “Yes, single. With many things to do. Luckily, I am enjoying every moment a lot and trying to take full advantage of it because it is something unique that was given to me. I appreciate it very much. Also to all the love of the people.”

It was then that the leader of the little angels wanted to know an even juicier detail. “Why do you think Marcos that your story with Juli stuck so much, that everyone wanted romance and now they went out and want to see them together?”

“I don’t know. We have a very good friendship with Juli. It’s a very nice connection as friends. I always saw her as a friend. She always saw me as her friend. So nothing more than that”, clarified Marcos Ginocchio.

Thus, the winner of the reality show remarked that he is not open to love at the moment and that the rumors of romance with his playmate are not true either, to the happiness or sadness of some.

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