Like many famous Maria Becerra (23) eats a balanced diet to stay healthy and fit. Argentina has been a declared vegan for several years and she knew how to find the perfect balance to eat well without neglecting her ideologies and treating herself from time to time. In the last few hours, she showed her most faithful followers how her ideal breakfast is composed.

María Becerra is one of the many artists who joined the “Instagram broadcast channels” trend. In hers, she shares her day-to-day with her fans, her funny quips, information about her concerts, and some unexpected tips.

In this sense, the singer uploaded a video in which she showed what for her is “the best way to start the day.” In the images you can see a large plate with avocado, rice and lentils, along with its protein juice. In addition, in the background, on the television in her house you can see that she is watching Married with childrentelevision fiction of which María acknowledged being a fan.

“A good nutritious meal and Married with Children to start the day off right and do the heart good. Good morning to all the girls,” says La Nena from Argentina in the video.

María Becerra revealed who is the person in charge of taking care of her diet

Some time ago, Maria Becerra was the protagonist of the digital cover of PEOPLE where she was very relaxed during production and surprised by bringing her own food. “I am very calm, sometimes I seem to be very in mine and labeled, but it is because I take care of my energy. I do not forget that it is also work”, he assured during the photo session, while he drank a juice with strawberry proteins that Vivi (the woman who works at his house) prepared for him.

Maria Becerra.

“I love her with all my heart, she (Vivi) always worries that I eat well. She is like a second mother who prepares my food so that I can take it everywhere. Since I am vegan, it is complicated. I give a lot of balls to eat well”Maria revealed.

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