Maria Becerra (23), “the girl from Argentina” who is breaking it worldwide, has just moved and, very happy with this change, shared some unknown details of her home for the first time. It was through Instagram that she decided to show off her “her chill space,” the area she relaxes in when her schedule gets the better of her.

“I’m in my little house and this story is dedicated to all those artists who paint pictures, make prints, work with the computer… or whatever. I wanted to tell you that I would like to buy pictures to put here in my house. I really like to decorate. It is my relaxation space, it is where I can be 100% myself, and it is my place in the world“María began by saying in her Instagram stories, thus calling on various artists to present their works to her.

“I really like psychedelic, surreal art, I also like what Fridda Kahlo did, Mexican art and colors…”, she added before showing the space in her home that is dedicated to art. The first thing she focused on was a little painting of abstract art that she made herself, then she shared a mirror intervened -also by her- with colored clouds painted with acrylic, in which it was observed that the singer had “hidden” silver, something that caught the attention of users. In addition, Mari also showed a painting of Frida and the sculpture of a kitten, an animal that she is passionate about.

María Becerra spoke with PEOPLE about her passion for painting

“I don’t think I paint well, but I like to do it to download. I never think about doing something nice, I just think about doing something. When I was little I painted in notebooks, but now I’m building a little room of inspiration in my house,” she revealed to PEOPLE while dreaming what objects he would like to have: “carpets, cushions on the floor, low furniture and a coffee table“. “I want it to be half Japanese wave. I’m going to have my mini studio, with a piano, and a corner with a frame and paint to clear a bit,” he told PEOPLE before moving.

María Becera dressed as a painter for the production of PEOPLE.

“In my family home, there are some paintings that I painted, because I gave them to my mother. The truth is that they are quite beautiful (laughs). My mom keeps them with a lot of love, she has them hanging, “she shared, about the house that is located in the town of Quilmes.

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