The gap between Maria fernanda Alley and Ricky Diotto seemed to pass on good terms, even collaborating mutually in moving the dentist but, a few weeks ago, the actress surprised by revealing in an interview with Teleshow that she had experienced situations of violence with the musician, which was the final turning point in the relationship.

That is why the artist decided to go to court to denounce her ex-partner, father of her daughter Giovanna. in the program show partners through the screen of the thirteenpart of the document presented by the lawyer was read Martin Francolinein which some of the incidents that occurred during their relationship are recounted.

“Diotto wanted me to stay at home, take care of my daughter and not work. He began to mistreat me, yell at me and reproach me that all our assets were his exclusive property. He had constant manifestations aimed at humiliating, embarrassing and intimidating me, “ Callejón explained about the conflicts he experienced in his relationship as a couple.

“Diotto grabbed my arms tightly and threw me against the wall,” said Fernanda Callejón

He also recounted an episode that would have occurred on July 5, 2022: “While our daughter was in the room, Diotto took me to the kitchen and began to demand that I acknowledge that my contribution to the household was insignificant, that he paid for everything and took care of the expenses alone. His screams were so intense that I instinctively pulled out my cell phone to record it and send it to my lawyer at that moment, Yanina Prandini”.

“When Diotto noticed that I was recording it, his face transformed into anger and he grabbed my arms tightly and then threw me against the wall. At that moment I became aware of the level of violence that could endanger my life, not just my integrity emotional and mental, but also my physical integrity”, she explained by saying that her neighbor came out to help her.

For his part, Diotto requested a precautionary measure so that his ex-partner cannot mention him in the media and presented a brief to the court with another version of the facts. “The main problem was the financial issue and that she threatened to talk about their marital problems in the media”affirmed Rodrigo Lussich about the position of Ricky Diotto.

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