A couple of days ago Mariana Fabbiani confirmed along with Marcelo Tinelli that will return “Mariana’s Diary” in America TV. That TV show, aka DDMwas born in 2013 and after a couple of years off the air it will return with its eighth season.

After the announcement, Fabbiani visited THE M and revealed details of what he wants for the return of the classic television show. Estefi Berardione of the little angels more controversial, he asked him what he had from each of his parents and mariana I do not doubt: “My dad is from the countryside, he has that thing about effort and discipline. I inherited that from him, perseverance“, was the first thing he said about Alfredo Fabbiani.

Then, he continued talking about his mother, Silvia Moresthe daughter of the renowned singer Mariano MoresMy mom is an artist, she has everything artistic in her blood and she is happy“, he said about the tango singer and actress.

Later, boarding the train of the new program, Mariana Fabbiani revealed: “I’m going to give you a scoop, but only to convince her. I want to bring my mom to the program, I want to have her as a panelist and I’m trying to convince her“.

She doesn’t want to know anything, she would be a good panelist because she is the one who updates me on everything. I call her and she tells me ‘You don’t know what happened…‘ Now he is looking, no doubt because he sees everything, but THE M don’t miss it“, commented mariana about his mother. Then she told Yanina Latorre:”It’s a danger, huh, it’s like your mom“.

Finally, between laughs he added “It is the impunity of age, of experience…“, but could not continue because brito angel He interrupted her to say: “If he doesn’t want to be with you, let him come from little angel… no problem“.

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