A little over a year ago Mariano Peluffo is in constant contact with the authorities the nine to make a nightly entertainment program. But after the death of the chef William Calabrese, the program what tomorrow It was left without a driver and it became an opportunity for the return of the driver to television.

During the interview with the newspaper La Nación, peluffo He provided in detail how the call was and anticipates small changes in the cooking cycle. “It is the first time in many years that the schedules fit me perfectly, because from 10 to 12 I will be on TV, and from 2 to 4 pm on La 100 with Sarasa”, he mentioned about the radio program that is in its third year.

Mariano Peluffo.  Photo file
Mariano Peluffo. Photo file

“We’ve been talking to the channel for a year, with the idea of ​​doing a project; we were thinking about some entertainment for the night time slot and watching formats. But it was a talk without haste because I had already finished my contract with Net TV, I had done Public rapporteurs on Public TV and it was in a quiet period, only with the radioor”, he confessed peluffo in dialogue with the newspaper The nation.

There was no rush to return. Last year it did not happen, and this year we began to talk again, also calm because it is an election year and that influences everything: commercially, in the budget of the channels that sometimes even change the profile of the programming. We were aiming for something for the second semester and Cala just passed away. It was something very unexpected. I didn’t know him that well, I had barely come across him at a couple of gastronomic events, but I am convinced that people are what they are talked about and he was also a reference, a number one, a teacher, a good guy. A few days ago the channel suggested that I join Qué mañana”added the driver.

Regarding what the format will be like from now on, he explained: “We are going to separate the figure of the host and that of the cook. The program is 12 years old and historically it was led by cooks, first with Ariel Rodríguez Palacios and later with Guillermo Calabrese. Now they want it to have a host and have cooks. Juan Ferrara It will continue and other chefs will join to have dynamism and variety”.

“It is a classic of the channel, it will continue to be called Qué mañana, and all the boys continue, Daniel Gómez Rinaldi, Maia Chacra, Agustina Díaz, Diego Bouvet, Bárbara Casen, Andrea Purita and Alejandro Gardinetti. The format is the same, only that before the driving and cooking fell on a single figure. This time they sought that the driver was not a cook. And it seems to me that this split is going to add up. The graphics is the same and also the set designer, there will hardly be small changes in some little things“, revealed.

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