Marina Dal Poggetto she is much more than a columnist for a news program. She is an economist from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), has a master’s degree in Public Policy from the Torcuato Di Tella University, and this year the Faculty of Business Sciences of the Austral University appointed her Coordinator of the Economics area.

His name transcended the borders of the circle of finance and business when he joined the staff of the program that Jorge Lanata It has on radio Miter. From that platform, he explained in a simple way the reasons for the economic crisis, pointed against the government’s measures and did not stop criticizing the positions of the liberal javier milei.

Now, Dal Poggeto jumped into the political arena at the hands of the neuroscientist Facundo Manes. The economist will be a key figure in the presidential race of the radical deputy, if she manages to pass through the sieve of the PASO.

This Tuesday, Manes participated in the meeting of referents in the national Board of Together for Change (JxC), there he presented Dal Poggeto and the doctor in Economics from the University of Massachusetts, Martin Repettias the leaders of their economic team.

It is not the first time that the ranks of JvC are enlarged with members of Lanata Without Filter. Dal Poggeto joined the program for the second morning of Miter shortly after the departure of martin tetazthe economist who He left his columns to present himself as a candidate for national deputy under the banner of PRO.

milei in the crosshairs

Dal Poggeto believes that Milei is a risk to the economy, and in an interview with CNN radio he pointed out against dollarizationthe main proposal of the presidential candidate:

“Assuming that the monetary program is going to force you to do what you have to do is naive and dangerous. They enchant those who do not understand them and scare those who understand them and end up coordinating the run”.

And on another station he also pointed against the libertarian: “That Javier Milei reaches the ballot is a risk for the economy due to the uncertainty it would generate”.

Del Poggeto has an outstanding curriculum. According to the site The Economist, was deputy manager of Macroeconomic Analysis of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic and head of Advisors of the Economic Policy Secretariat of the Ministry of Economy. She co-directed the Bein y Asociados studio, and is currently the executive director of Eco Go Consultores, a consultancy on economic, political and financial market advice.

In addition, she worked at INDEC, was a professor of National Accounts, Economics and Finance at the UBA, UCES and UTDT and a consultant to the IDB, the European Community and Unicef.

She is the author of the book Lost time: The inheritance, the management of the inheritance, and the management of the inheritance of the inheritance”and makes regular contributions to different media.

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