For a few months, there has been a rumor in the television industry: “I am Betty, the ugly one”, the telenovela that managed to captivate hundreds of viewers, break audience ratings and position itself as a cult production throughout the world. world, I would return with a third season.

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The person in charge of putting the issue on the table was the journalist Carlos Ochoawho claimed to have had access to a document belonging to the ‘Canal RCN’ in which some projects for 2023 appeared. Among them, the third part of ‘I am Betty, the ugly one’, starring Jorge Enrique Abello and Ana María Orozco.

I respect ‘Nicolás Mora’ a lot, I think he’s a great character

Recently, Ochoa interviewed Mario Duarte on his YouTube channel, remembered for giving life to the iconic ‘Nicolás Mora’ in the Colombian telenovela. The journalist inquired about the actor’s professional career and, incidentally, took the opportunity to confirm the intentions of producing a new season.

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“The idea is there on paper. I think that everyone is talking about this there. But we still have these couple of months of May and June, in which I think it crystallizes or is put aside. I don’t know, in any case it is a very big and very ambitious project”, the singer from Barranquilla began by saying.

Duarte revealed that, although he does not have many details about the project, the news took him by surprise, since more than two decades have passed since he put himself in the shoes of “Nicolás Mora”, the inseparable friend of “Betty”. Doing it again would be a challenge for him, considering that he has great respect for the character.

“I was kind of dumbfounded there, like, ‘What is this?’ Do not believe, it scares me and everything. They are always 20 years, I have not played the character, I was not in the play, I have not participated in those revivals because I respect ‘Nicolás Mora’ a lot, he seems like a great character to me,” Duarte commented in dialogue with Ochoa.

Mario Duarte played Nicolás Mora in the famous telenovela.

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A few years ago, some of the original actors of the production got together to carry out ‘Betty en teatro’, a theatrical comedy that was widely accepted by soap opera fans.

Although Duarte gave life to one of the most iconic and beloved characters, he did not manage to be part of the project. ‘Nicolás Mora’ was played, at that time, by the actor Jairo Ordoñez, who won the affection of those attending the performances with his comic interpretation. Mario was also questioned on this specific topic.

“Do you regret not having been in ‘Betty en teatro’?” Ochoa asked. To which, without much ado, the actor replied: “No, I don’t regret it. I was not there because it did not happen either on the side here or on the side there. I preferred with Fernando, may he rest in peace, to remain friends and not argue over bullshit. We left it there and look, now we are once again faced with that possibility.

The future of the third season of ‘I am Ugly Betty’ is still uncertain. What he does know is that viewers will be able to continue watching Mario Duarte on digital platforms, hand in hand with two films that, according to him, will be released next year.

The actor from Barranquilla recently participated in the romantic comedy ‘A grito wounded’ and, before that, he did so in the new version of ‘Café con aroma de mujer’, in which he played ‘Pablo Emilio’, an ambitious accountant .

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