Marley abandoned the Argentinian republic and confirmed the recent rumors that announced it. The television host moved towards Colombia for a time by decision of the management of teleph. However, he will return to drive the prizes Martin Fierro.

The reason for the driver’s departure from teleph is that he will record a program for the channel of the 3 balls. The new audiovisual experience that will lead Marley will have 25 participants competing to win an important prize. Meanwhile, his son Mirkowait in Argentina looking forward to your return.

teleph made the decision to make a new program, Robinson Expeditionand will be led by MarleyAs reported the pavada. Because of this, he had to leave the country for a while and then he will return. The one who stayed for school was the little one Mirko.

The players, for their part, are going to travel with what they are wearing; without suitcases and separately because they cannot cross each other. They are going to record the program for almost three months on an island that is almost a deserted jungle. In fact, to arrive they will take planes, cars and boats.

Although the recording is very long, Marley is going to return to the country because on July 5 he has the leadership of the Martin Fierro. about the decision of telephto send it to Colombiait hurt to leave Mirko because he used to have breakfast with his father before he took him to school.

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