Martha and Philip Fort visited the program I dreamed that I was flying (Olga)and they talked about their present: They are 19 years old, they took the post in the family business and seek to connect with their desire towards adult life.

About their role in the chocolate factory, they told how the dynamics are and joked about it: “I’ll be honest: it’s not like we work there doing calculations in Excel spreadsheets with a computer“, said Philip between laughs martita added that they are trying to learn and “make presence: “Minimum, know what happens”, he pointed out, without turning around.

Besides, the fort twins revealed that In November they will travel to Germany to take a course at a chocolate companywhere they will learn to prepare it in an artisan way, to get more involved in the industry in which they participate as part of the family inheritance.

Both demonstrated the interest they have in the family business: “I like it and it has a good story. It’s like a house”said Philip; while Martha He pointed out realistically: “We eat at the factory.”

Marta Fort confirmed that she wants to be in the media

Martha Fort He never hid his desire to make a career as an artist, in the same industry that embraced his father Ricardo Fort. But now, with the scandal gone and a role in the chocolate factory active, he plants himself from another place when it comes to expressing his wishes for the future.

I would like to do my things as a media and as a model. Being famous elsewhere. I like fame, to go to an interview and not ask me about the giant Marroc ”, he reflected on his current relationship with the media.

martha fort
Marta Fort continues to take classes to make her own artistic path.

I want to have a separate history. I would like to continue taking care of the factory, but to balance“, he assured, putting into words what his father once tried. Meanwhile, Marta continues in classes to perfect herself and build a career of their own in the artistic world.

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