martin bossi he shone during his successful show “Bossi Live Comedy”, in one of the most anticipated moments with his slow celebrities, there the comedian usually invites the public to remember old times and fall in love again.

At that moment, with the live band, the theater becomes a magical place and all the spectators get up to dance. It was at that moment that Bossi asked Camila Homs and together they shared a romantic moment.

“Bossi Live Comedy” became one of the three most watched shows on Corrientes Street, and in it, the public can enjoy full interaction with the actor and his incredible ability to make people laugh and move at the same time.

Without a doubt, a magical night in which Martin demonstrated his talent and his most romantic side with Camila at the Astral Theatre.

Martín Bossi surprised to reveal who his main fan is

As he revealed, he had “a very very hard upbringing” as a product of his parents’ Italian upbringing. It even happened to him that her mother, for not meeting her family expectations, packed her bags and kicked him out of her home.

However, that is in the past and now she is his number one fan. “My mom is a fan, she went to the other extreme. she thinks i am Charles Chaplin. He tells people ‘I am the mother of Martin‘. And Martin? Redred, Lousteau, Demichelis… Now he loves me, he tells me the famous phrase ‘if your father saw you…‘. But that time passed and it was very heavy”, he explained and remarked that he will surely go to see him in the audience of the astral theater.

It is a very necessary show for me and for the people; It talks about human needs. It is very difficult to transmit, because you have to see it to know what happens. It is not the story of a man who dresses up as a lingerie…“, declared bossy.

then to finish Martin Bossi closed by saying: “It’s a very American showman experience with a very big band. In such a critical moment of our society, of culture, of communication, it is a show that will stimulate people and it will do them very well.”.

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