He Argentine writer and journalist Martín Caparrós (65) was seen this year in Wheelchair and cast doubt on his state of health. In this sense, after several months, the artist explained how his current state of health is: he suffers from a neurological disease that makes it difficult for him to walk.

It is very strong to realize that this mechanism that always worked has stopped working.”, confessed the author of “Ñamerica” ​​and “El hambre”, among other titles. “When we face extreme situations, we discover that we had more resources than we thoughthe mused.

He gave the explanation in the column that he has in the radio program “And now who can help us”, from Radio Con Vos, where he explained that this neurological failure makes the leg muscles notgren hold you “It’s very strange, because I give them the orders that I’ve always given them, and that one gives to their body parts without thinking, and they don’t obey them.”he detailed.

In turn, the journalist said that it is not yet known what this condition is about or how will its evolution bealthough he remarked: “What I try to do, without a doubt, is to live as well as possible, sitting down.”

Martín Caparrós spoke about the experience of using a wheelchair

On the other hand, he told how it was the change to start using a wheelchair. “One becomes aware that it existed, that one used it without thinking. Well, it’s really hard for me to walk now, I walk a little bit but it’s really hard for me, and then I’m much better in the wheelchair”, he assured.

“If you imagine yourself in somewhat dramatic situations, I thought you would be desperate, sunk, unable to do anything; and not. I have discovered that I have certain resources, more resources than I thought I had. I wish we never had to find out we have them”, he expressed and added: “It surprised me. I thought I was going to be crying in the corners and no, I try to do everything I can”.

In the month of March Martín Caparrós showed himself in a wheelchair

Lastly, the writer and journalist focused on an issue that complicates his Mobility through the City of Buenos Aires. “It’s a metaphor for Argentina, because it’s easy to fool a lot of people, you don’t realize that until you have to go in a wheelchair, 99% of people don’t go. So you see the descents in all the streets in Buenos Aires, until you want to use them for what they are made for and you realize that they are useless, they are made outright, they have a hole in which you end up in the mouth ”, he explained. Then, between laughs, he said “thank you horace”, in reference to the Buenos Aires head of government, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta.

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